Local Love... Edith Head Exhibit at the Decorative Arts Center


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw what a great time I had yesterday at the Decorative Arts Center in Lancaster for the Edith Head exhibit. If you are a fashion/costume enthusiast, this is a total must-see. And if you're not, well, I don't really understand you, but have I mentioned that it's free?!


The Decorative Arts Center is housed in the beautiful historic Reese-Peters House, and the docents are incredibly pleasant, offering tidbits about the history of the home as well as the exhibit.


But maybe you're like my fiance and you're thinking, "Cool, but who in the world is Edith Head?" Valid question, because if you're not a costume designer like myself, maybe you haven't heard of her. But regardless of your profession, you definitely want to change that, and here's why...

Originally a teacher, Edith applied as a costume sketch artist in 1924 for extra summer income.


She quickly rose up rank and by 1937 Edith was appointed to Chief Designer at Paramount, working with stars like Mae West and "it girl" Clara Bow. She went on to receive 35 Academy Award nominations, winning 8 Oscars, a record that she holds to this day.

I loved this moment in the exhibit. A fellow Ohioan had written a term paper on Edith and there were numerous letters from celebrities that he had contacted for research. In this, Ginger Rogers is expressing her adoration for the designer...



And here are some of my favorite looks from the exhibit...

EdithHead_DAC_Gowns EdithHead_DAC_Jackets EdithHead_DAC_Sequins

(I do!)

And I know I just dropped some major Edith Head knowledge on you, but don't worry- after working on over 1000 films, there is still plenty to see! Find out more about the exhibit here. And if anyone has been or is planning on going, tell me about your favorite look in the comments!