Local Love...Rowe Fashion Show 2013


The Ivory Room at Miranova Place in Downtown Columbus was packed with the city's fashion fleet last night for Rowe's 2013 Fashion Show, "Night Fall." With a gorgeous view of the city's skyline in the background, the venue, adorned in sparkling lights and white chandeliers and filled with the perfect party music, buzzed in anticipation. I have to admit that leading up to the event, I was skeptical to how Maren Roth and the Rowe team would put on a show that would live up to the somewhat pricey ticket, but as I entered the cocktail hour and saw the crowd of people dressed to the nines with cocktails and cupcakes in hand, scouring Rowe's latest at their popup shop, I knew I was in for a great night.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with Rowe Boutique can easily recognize the shop's style: equal parts rustic bohemian and chic downtown girl. "Night Fall" didn't stray from this aesthetic, but rather added in exciting elements of wildlife with leather and fur and romance with flowing lace. Roth referenced "glamping" as an inspiration behind the show, celebrating the "fashion girls who never sacrifice style for circumstance." What this basically translated to, for me, was the idea of a modern-girl version of Stevie Nicks on a rustic cabin getaway. Also, I would say that it sort of made me realize that deep down in my heart somewhere I apparently really want to be Stevie Nicks on a cabin getaway, because many of the pieces spoke to exactly what I want in my wardrobe this season.

The clothing struck the important balance of fashion and wearability, from the faux-leather skirts and flowing dresses, to the blanket-like sweaters and statements jackets; but the real stars of the show, in my opinion, were the accessories. There was an abundance of rich knit scarves, including a fur-trimmed shawl that I swear I had dreams about, and hats galore, from wide-brim felt fedoras to slouchy knit beanies. While the "extras" did steal the show for me, the single best moment, and I could feel my surrounding onlookers agree, was the closing look: a wispy and ethereal silvery white gown that seemed to float like a ghost down the runway, drawing a collective inhale from the crowd and ending the show on the perfect note.

While I am reeling about the clothes, well, because that's what I do, it's important to note the meaning behind the event. Ticket sales raise money for the Jack Roth Fund, which Roth herself started in 2006 to honor her father, whom she lost to lung cancer in 2004. So far, the fashion show has raised over $10,000 for the foundation, which benefits lung cancer research at the James Cancer Hospital at The Ohio State University & Camp Netaim for children with special needs. For more information on Maren Roth and Rowe Boutique, visit the store site here, and for more information on the fashion show, it's sponsors, and the Jack Roth Fund, click here.

Did you attend the event? Tell me about your favorite parts in the comments section! And if you didn't, take my word for it, you want to be at the next one!