Local Love: The Designers of "Circa"

I told you all a little bit about the fashion show I've been coordinating in this post, "Local Love... A First Look at Circa," but today I wanted to go into a little more detail about who the amazing designers are that are making the show possible! When I tell you these people are talented, I mean it! When I originally started envisioning this event I made a list of my "dream team" of designers and every one of the people below were on that list, so they are literally making my dream come true! If you're wondering about the name, the show is called "Circa" because it's based on a really specific theme, the fashion trends of past eras, which really breaks down into 2 parts.

1) It's based on the idea that modern design is always influenced by styles of the past. And that's not to say designers aren't innovative, because they're remarkably so, but they have to work with that inspiration and then take it to a whole new place. It's all been done before, now how can it be remade in a way that's new and current?

2) The more technology we use, the more we are literally flooded with inspiration. With fashion blogs and sites like Pinterest at our fingertips every minute of the day, the idea that there would be one universally accepted style like there was in past decades is completely obliterated. It's perfectly normal now to wear a 50s-era full skirt with a 90s-style flannel and some 30s-era costume jewelry. We are now inspired by every single style of the past and they are all part of the current fashion trends of any given season.

So that's the challenge these designers and brands are working with- how do they put their own spin on styles of the past and make them new? Here's a little bit more about how they're doing that...


 Old Hollywood Glamour by Lubna Designs

Lubna designs ready-to-wear, a custom line, and a bridal line. Her specialty is making sexy and sophisticated clothing. Her pieces get a woman noticed for all of the right reasons.

Her classic and sultry aesthetic is a perfect fit for the Old Hollywood allure of the 1930s. Her all-new Circa collection will showcase one of the most glamorous times in fashion history.

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Retro Pinup by Shann Cortes Designs

Shann's designs have a Latin flair and are all about showing off a women's curves. She has a flirty and colorful ready-to-wear line as well as a body-conscious line of club dresses.

Shann's feminine designs, with an affinity for showing curves and lots of skin, work perfectly with the retro pinup girl style of the 1940s and 50s. Expect to see lots of sexiness and fun in her Circa collection.

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Mid-century Mod by Arlo Menswear

Horacio transferred here recently from Chicago, where he established himself as a designer through his Horacio Nieto women's wear and bridal line, as well as the Arlo Menswear line. His looks infuse unexpected textiles and colors with classic designs.

His traditional take on menswear shapes lends perfectly to the mid-century styles, when men were tailored and impeccably groomed. Expect lots of dapper, well-dressed men.

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Bohemian Romance by Cierra Lauren

Cierra Lauren, a bridal line by Cierra Lauren-Reeve, uses vintage-inspired lace and soft, flowing layers to create a rustic and romantic bohemian vibe. Originally a women's wear designer, Cierra has moved her focus over to her bridal line, which includes bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

Already strongly influenced by the 60s bohemian style, this collection will feature boho accessories, such as floral crowns and lace clutches.

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Disco Chic by Erica Dawn Woodmore

If there's one thing Erica Dawn Woodmore knows, it's how to dress a woman's body. Her pieces are figure-flattering, using the perfect blend of structure and ease, so that the looks are sexy and also forgiving. She designs a ready-to-wear line as well as a custom line.

Erica wanted to step outside of the box for her Circa collection, basing it on the influences of the decadent Disco era. Her sultry silhouettes and glam style will flow seamlessly into this period in fashion.

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Goth/Grunge by Rachel Lynn

 Rachel Lynn, designed by Rachel Kaplan, is a young fashion brand with a gritty appeal. The looks strike a balance between hard and soft, like the slouchy sweater and silk shorts combo seen at her CMH Fashion Week runway show.

Her dark and edgy sensibility fits perfectly with the somber mood of the goth and grunge movements in the early 90s. Expect lots of low slung layers and neutral color combinations, as well as an interesting mix of femininity and masculinity. 

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So there you have it! Looks like it's going to be a great show, right? And I know I've shoved this down your throat (and likely will a few more times before April) but tickets just went on sale this week! You can find them at Flavorus or through the Circa website. If you're in the Columbus area- I hope to see you there!