Local Love... Victoria's Secret's Incredible Sports Bra Launch with Alessandra Ambrosio

Sometimes blogging has its perks and last week those perks literally made my life more perky ;) . I was beyond excited to get invited to the Victoria's Secret launch of their new Incredible Front-Close Sports bra last week. (Please excuse the phone pics while I explain why...)

For starters, I got to meet Alessandra Ambrosio.


I was a little star struck- I mean, she's a real-life supermodel. An actual Victoria's Secret Angel! And let me tell you guys, if you ever have the chance to get a selfie with an Angel, just wave the white flag and do it. Will you feel like a tree stump? Yeah, most likely. Will you be the star of the shot? Absolutely not. But if you share it you will get to feel a little insta-famous for a day, so there is that. ;)

But seriously, she was super nice and much more low-maintenance than I had anticipated. We talked really briefly about fall fashion and she told me she mainly just lives in jeans, naming vintage Levi's and REDUN as her top choices.


But of course, the whole purpose of the event was the Incredible Sports Bra.


I tried on the bra while I was there, and while I can't speak for the smaller chested girls of the world, if you're a C-cup and above, this is as close as it gets to living the sports bra dream. I ABSOLUTELY HATE jamming and shimmying myself into a standard sports bra and usually end up having to wear two bras- an underwire and a sports bra- to work out. And honestly, it's hard enough to want to work out without the added annoyance of changing into two different bras.

But the Incredible offers a solution to both of these problems by featuring both a concealed underwire and a zip-front closure.


It also has light padding, adjustable straps, and a sweat-wicking liner. Can I get an amen?!

Oh, and it comes in 150,000 different colors and prints.


Just kidding, but there are a lot of options.

You can check out the Incredible bra here or go into your local Victoria's Secret to get a proper fitting. I honestly never wanted to get fitted for a bra in my life, but I succumbed to it during my visit, and it was so much more pleasant than I had imagined. Partly because of the most flattering fitting room lighting I've ever seen and also because of the really nice and knowledgeable staff (Brittany at Easton is the bomb! :) ). Plus I got some added coupons and samples, so I'd highly recommend that route.

As for Alessandra and myself, please follow me on Instagram to see our new best friendship unfold. Just kidding again, but in all sincerity, I do owe her a thank you for being so lovely as well as a big thank you to Victoria's Secret corporate and the wonderful girls working in the store. Thanks for adding another great moment to my blogging adventure!