MIXTAPE | January: C'mon Get Happy!

So it's mid-January- how are you doing on your resolutions?

Whether you're knocking goals out left and right or you need a little pep talk to get you back in the game, I've put together a feel-good, uplifting playlist on Spotify to help you get and/or stay motivated. It's got some upbeat jams, some inspirational, soar-like-an-eagle songs, aaaaand a Pat Benatar power ballad. So it's basically a 100% guarantee that spirits will be lifted and goals will be crushed. Hard.


This month's mixtape playlist runs at almost exactly an hour, so it's perfect for a fun workout or to fuel you through that project you've been putting off.


And if you're in the market for some new music, I listen to (and update) this playlist almost daily while I work.

What songs help you get and stay motivated?