Motivation for Change: Feeling the "Upswing" and Working on One Small Step


Hi friends! I wanted to take the opportunity today to brag on my sister, Brooke, who was chosen as FLIP's Monthly Inspire story for July. She's a preschool teacher, an animal lover, and has always been the kind of person who thrives on taking care of others. But like myself, and most other people, her journey to her own good health has not always been an easy one.

A little over a year ago she became a part of Juice Plus+, a whole food based nutrition company, and it's been both impressive and inspiring to watch her health transformation.

One of my favorite takeaways from Brooke's Monthly Inspire interview is that she describes her current state of health and wellness as being in an "upswing." I thought this was such a powerful word choice, because it refers not only to the positive progress she's made but also a commitment to continue to trend upward. It's an inspiring word choice that signifies progress over perfection.

It's been a lesson for me to be a part of Brooke's life as she has made change after change this past year, from walking on her lunch breaks to becoming a full-fledged vegetarian. Taking the knowledge and encouragement she's gained from her work with Juice Plus+, Brooke has not only lost over 20 pounds since March, but, most importantly, has made major changes in her overall health and wellness.

Brooke credits her big changes simply to her commitment to make small changes. In the story, she advises others looking to make lifestyle changes to, "Start with one simple change. Drink more water, take the stairs instead of the elevator, fill your plate ½ full of fruits and veggies, give up late-night snacking…commit to one small change a month and build on that as you go. Make it attainable for YOU."

So I've decided to take that advice and commit to making one small change: drinking more water.

Specifically, I am committing to drinking 2 liters per day. I am pretty sure my body is currently 90% artificial sweetener from all the Diet Cokes and iced coffees I drink, so it's a change I've been needing to make for a long time.

Have you been needing to make some health changes in your life? What small change could you commit to making right now to make a big impact in your future? Share your "one small step" in the comments!


You can read the full Monthly Inspire story here and for more information on Juice Plus+, you can check out Brooke's website and/or connect with her and follow along with her health journey on Facebook or Instagram.

Have a happy, healthy day! :)