Packing Math... 14 Items, 14 Days

When a friend recently asked for help picking out outfits for her upcoming trip to Wales, I realized that packing is something I've never talked about on the blog. Mixing pieces to create new looks is an essential aspect of successfully packing for a trip, and I realized some people aren't very confident with the whole mixing thing. My friend, for instance, had what is basically the dream wardrobe of packing essentials (basically the same as below) and a great sense of style, but still felt a little uneasy about what would work for her trip. ***Disclaimer: I'm by no means a successful world traveler or even a good packer. My qualifications for this specific scenario include one trip to Europe and a British sister-in-law who's clued me in on the "American tourist" dont's. So, with that out in the open, here are my tips:

1. No workout clothing. Other countries don't share America's particular affinity for wearing clothes in public that would also be worn to the gym (i.e. athletic shoes, hoodies, yoga pants). These items are like wearing a flashing sign that reads "TOURIST" over your head. Converse, Keds, Supergas: pass. Your running shoes from Foot Locker: fail.

2. They do, however, supportĀ gym hair. A top knot and any other form of "I don't care" hair is right up their European alley. This is great news because you will most definitely and irreversibly murder your Chi in the outlets, even with the "adapters." P.S. I'm still mad about this.

3. Layer, layers, layers! Traveling generally includes walking, whether through a muggy train station, a windy city street, or in Europe, just pouring rain in general. So bring things that allow you to change coverage/temperatures as needed. And speaking of walking...

4. I love heels. I looooooove heels. But in general, they don't make a lot of sense for traveling. Something like an ankle boot or a wedge with a 2-inch heel or less can give you the oomph that you want, but will still allow you to actually get around to all the places you want to see. Sure your legs will look great with an extra five inches, but you really don't want your vacation memories to be about your blisters. Trust all my vacations ever.

Well that's all great, but now what in the name of Prince Harry do you actually pack? In a word, neutrals. And in another word, separates. And in a picture, this stuff:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14


And that's really just the tip of the iceberg! Toss in a few small things like leggings, a basic tank, a cardigan, and some more accessories and you've just multiplied these looks while still being able to fit it all in a carry-on suitcase. But with all this talk of packing and traveling, I'm wondering...

Where will you be traveling this year? Do you have any concerns about what to pack?

Tell me about your vacay plans in the comments section and I might use them as inspiration for my next packing guide!