Pinspiration: Candy Colored Hair

I've been thinking about unconventional hair color for at least two years now, ever since  I saw rainbow hair dye pioneers Charlotte Free and Kelly Osborne in their (respectively) pink and lavender locks. I'm not usually one to pine over a decision in regards to my hair. When I wanted Ashlee Simpson's black shaggy cut circa 2004, even though I'm naturally blonde, I just did it. That day. After about 3 minutes of weighing the pros and cons. Was it smart? Absolutely not. It is way too much work to maintain a color on the opposite end of the spectrum, not to mention the havoc it wreaks your hair. But the point is, I'm not afraid to go bold. I've had bright red, bleach blonde, hot pink streaks- I don't mind a little crazy in my hair game.

Except lately I kind of do. Not only I am starting to feel the pressures of looking adult and "responsible" (truly annoying), but I've also spent the last year and a half growing out all of my experimental color because my hair was starting to feel like straw. I'm almost done with that whole process and my hair feels a lot better, but it also feels like a big old snoozefest.

So what's a girl to do? Scouring Pinterest for an endless amount of beautiful options and confusing myself more seemed like a horrible idea. So, well, I did that and here they are. Please enjoy and continue obsessing over my own hair with me immediately following said inspiration.

Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_CottonCandyPink Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_Green Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_Lavender Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_WhiteBlueOmbrePinspired_CandyColoredHair_PastelPink Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_PurpleOmbrePinspired_CandyColoredHair_Mint Pinspired_CandyColoredHair_RadiantOrchid
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Beautiful, right? So that's the major pro. Plus it's pretty bad a$$ and since rainbow colored hair is so "on trend" it has much chicer connotations than it's grunge/punk predecessors.

But I have a few concerns:

1. I don't want to absolutely destroy my hair.

2. I don't like the idea of hair chalk, mainly just because chalk makes my skin crawl.

3. I don't want to get fired.

Thoughts/ideas? Have you tried anything like this that worked really well? Any thoughts on color choice? Over analyze hair with me in the comments section! (And hopefully I'll be showing some results sometime this summer...)