Pinspired: A Chic Office Nook

Let me tell you guys something- my "office," which is actually just the corner of my living room, is a sad, sad space. I've got a shabby (not chic) brown desk and a hot pink chair and both were acquired only because the pieces were about to get tossed to curb. And that is it. No fun prints on the wall or bright rug or just anything that is actually inspiring.  And how ironic is it to write about style in a space that has absolutely none? Now I have my reasons. After moving to this apartment I immediately stumbled into the hardest financial year of my life, so things like decorating really fell to the wayside. But I am not one to accept this sad state of affairs and have come up with an idea, or a goal if you will, that I am going to revamp this space on a budget. And I mean budget- the goal here is under $150 for everything. I'll  be giving updates on this project with a picture of the space to come very soon.

In the meantime, I've been going through my old pins from my Homegirl board on Pinterest. Easily my favorite form of social media, I love that my happy time of pouring through my Pinterest feed in bed means the inspirational work is already done. It's also a great way to find your style if you're unsure. Just pin everything that really speaks to you and then when you look through the images, a pretty clear style should jump out at you. Please see exhibit A...


I noticed pretty easily that I'm really drawn to a graphic color palette of black and white with really bright pops of color, especially hot pink and orange. I think it makes for an energizing space, perfect for motivating creativity.

I'm also a sucker for an art gallery wall and a blogger work space seems like the perfect place to display watercolors and fashion images. Mismatched frames and gold vintage-inspired accessories are great finishing touches.

The desk is a major problem area, but it's not in my budget to buy a new one, so I've been looking at different DIY ideas to give my old clunker new life.

The current rug is so tiny that the chair ends up leaving scratches on the wood floor, so that definitely needs an upgrade. I'm obsessed with over-dyed rugs, but they're about $100,000 out of my price range. And while we're at it, a rug at all is really out of the $150 total project budget, so some major luck/creativity is going to have be involved for this idea (ps- old rug donations accepted ;) ).

I also discovered through my old pins that I apparently am really into shearling/faux fur-adorned seating. Who knew? I sure didn't. But I do think it could make a great update to the current chair.


So there you have it! All the dreams and ideas for my teeny tiny corner of the world. Tell me what you love/hate and whether or not you think I'm crazy to try this makeover on such a small budget! Spoiler alert: this might be a complete and total failure, but either way it should be something you can look forward to. :)