Pinspired: Deck the Walls


I guess I'm getting really bored with my beige rental walls, because lately I've been noticing a lot of wallpaper designs taking over my Pinterest boards. I just love the drama of them. I mean, nothing makes a bigger impact in a room than a bold wallpaper. I thought all those pins were just wishful daydreaming, but much to my pleasant surprise, as I was compiling this post I realized that some of these options are actually removable- perfect for rentals! Also perfect for anyone scared of wallpaper commitment. (PS- If you've tried the temporary paper, I'd love to hear your reviews.)

If you've also been dreaming of adding some personality to your walls, but you don't really know where to start, I've got a basic formula for you. Do you remember on What Not to Wear, when they would always recite the four elements for a stylish outfit: color, texture, pattern, and shine? Well, turns out, those same basic rules apply to your home, too. So if you're thinking of updating a room, look around and decide which element your room could use most and start there. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started...



For me, it's always the more color the better. But if you're a little more gun-shy when it comes to bold color statements, wallpaper can actually offer a great solution. You can use it more conservatively by applying it to only one accent wall or a very small area, like a hallway. Or, you can use it to add a pop to areas like a kitchen island or the back of a bookshelf.

1  pin / source  |  2  pin / source  |  3  pin / source  |  4  pin / source  |  5  pin / source


2. Texture

I can't get enough of these whimsical trompe l'oiel prints. The 3-D appearances add depth and interest- sometimes even impersonating architecture- to walls that are lacking (re: my boring rental walls), without the cost of major home renovations. I mean, can you believe that faux brick?!

1  pin / source  |  2  pin / source  |  3  pin / source  |  4  pin / source  |  5  pin / source


3. Pattern

Whether whimsical or sophisticated, modern or classical, wallpaper prints are a perfect way to add major personality to a room's design. Plus, they brings loads of visual interest.

1  pin / source  |  2  pin / source  |  3  pin / source  |  4  pin / source  |  5  pin / source


4. Shine

Bring on the metallics! There's nothing like a touch of silver or gold to add some serious glamour to your walls. Aren't these gorgeous?!

1  pin / source  |  2  pin / source  |  3  pin / source  |  4  pin / source  |  5  pin / source


What's your vote on wallpaper? Love it or leave it?