Pinspiration: Fiesta! Fiesta!

Here's a very unfortunate fact about me... When I was a freshman in college, my friends and I had such an amazing Cinco de Mayo celebration that we kept it going and had a Seis de Mayo feista, too, thinking we were moving mountains in the world of college partying. But we couldn't let our brainchild die there, so we had a Siete, an Ocho, you get the picture, ALL THE WAY THROUGH MAY 31st! We just called it Mayo like it was normal to be on a 26-day bender. I mean, who needs classes when you're bursting with brilliant ideas like this, right? So needless to say, that was my last term that I was "welcome to attend" this unnamed University and I was back in my hometown by Junio (cue sad trombone). So anyway, Cinco de Mayo and I have a long history. I think it's one of the most fun holidays of the year, but honestly, I think I like it so much because of the potential for a Cinco de Mayo party to be SO beautiful! The colors, the flowers, the chips and salsa. What's not to love? Since my freshman year, I've definitely upgraded my ideas of what constitutes a great Cinco de Mayo party, opting to focus less on donkeys in sombreros and jello shots, and a little more on whimsical decor and cocktails.

I myself am not throwing a party this year, but don't tell that to my Pinterest account! It and I have been pinning for the most gorgeous fiesta. So if you need a little inspiration, here goes (just make sure to send me an invite! :) )...

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I hope you all are having a lot of fiesta fun this weekend, though I do hope you are not binge drinking for a month and flunking out of college. And don't worry about my sad tale from above, I made it out of my Lindsey Lohan phase relatively unscathed and did eventually graduate (go learning!). And even though we aren't celebrating Cinco de Mayo together, we can still party it up on Pinterest! Follow my boards, here, and let's get to know each other's hopes and dreams. ;)