Pinspired: Styling Your Way to the Perfect Costume

Since I work in costume/styling fields, I find myself often attending cocktail/themed events where I need to be dressed up, but at the same time I also need to be in "work mode." This isn't always the easiest task, but over the past few years I've become a bit of a pro at blurring the lines between event-appropriate and work-ready by focusing all my energy on the details of an outfit. I'll wear basic, comfortable clothing (black leggings, comfortable tops, simple dresses, etc.) and then style them with my boldest accessories and beauty looks. The idea is to get people looking at my necklace or my eyeliner, and not looking at my comfort-soled shoes.

This method is especially great for when I work Halloween events, so I'm constantly on the hunt for makeup ideas or cute hats- anything that will help me to look festive but still allow me to focus on the task at hand. For anyone attending an office party, taking the kids trick-or-treating, or throwing together a last-minute costume, this concept is also a great way to have some Halloween fun without having to go full-on costume. I've scoured the wonderful world of Pinterest to put together some looks that use just three elements- makeup, nails, and hair accessories- but still offer plenty of festive bang for you buck. And they all come with a handy DIY tutorial so you can recreate them for yourselves. Let's dig in!...



hat  |  makeup  |  nails

You can't go wrong with what is arguably the most classic costume in Halloween history. Skip the face paint and opt for green eye shadow instead for a more flattering and chic alternative.



nails  |  makeup  |  headband

No doubt you've seen the complex and amazing Lichtenstein-inspired makeup looks circling Pinterest. While they're impressive, they're not very practical for most people. These ideas take a far less intimidating approach while still offering the graphic punch that makes this look so much fun.



headband  |  nails  |  eyes

Everyone loves a cat costume and these tutorials employ the most up-to-date trends to keep the classic costume chic. Wear all black with a leopard clutch or shoes for a purr-fect head-to-toe look.



headpiece  |  eyes  |  nails

If you love the beautiful, ethereal look of a mermaid costume, but are intimidated because you think you have to go full sea shell bikini and tail- don't be! A maxi dress or skirt will give you the look you want while still keeping you covered. Just let the beautiful shimmering accents do all the talking.



headband  |  makeup  |  nails

Another great classic, and a perfect addition to an all-black ensemble, is the vampire. The makeup is sexy, the nails are much easier than they look, and the bat headband is a simple, yet makes a major statement.



lips  |  headband  |  nails

And this look is perhaps my favorite. I love how the most on-trend motif of the year- the evil eye- also serves as a perfect sci fi mani. Add the futuristic lips and an LED headband and you're ready to take on the universe!


Which look is your favorite?