Random Weekly Roundup #11

I have been slacking a little on all things blog-related this past week. I truly love writing here and coming up with post ideas, but as my life got busier and busier and with a weekend out of town, it was the first thing to drop off of my to-do list. I felt awful as each day I found myself making it a last priority. That being said, I think sometimes a little break from routine is good every once in a while and I definitely found some inspiration for the upcoming month- so I hope you guys like some of the new ideas and changes you'll be seeing here soon!

And on a side note, my weekend away was spent celebrating my niece's 2nd birthday, complete with a purple princess-themed party in honor of her favorite show, "Sofia the First," which, if you have kids, is about the cutest thing on the market. Anyway, it was so much fun to celebrate this little diva, who is a tiny, pint-sized wonder with personality for days! The night before her party, we gave her a glittery mani/pedi for her big day, which happened to complement her big day outfit, a purple shift dress accessorized to the nines with a purple tiara, "amulet" necklace, rings, and pink glitter shoes. She's already so into clothing, shoes, and anything that sparkles- I just know we're destined to be the best of friends!

And so I obviously had a weekend full of adorable overload, but here are some other things making my must-see list this week...

1. Seeing Shapes

I loved this article I saw last week at Refinery29 about which skirt shapes work best for your body type. Instead of relying on the old standards- apple, pear, curvy- they give you ten different shapes to choose from (hallelujah!). Coming from someone who is not one of the standard three, I was excited to see carrot as an option- and shown with a skirt that I know would actually be flattering! It can be strange to not identify with a type. I am taller than average, proportionately thick-waisted, large-chested, and wider in the shoulders, but overall, a pretty balanced frame. So since I am a little larger on top and was obviously not the typical pear or hourglass, I have always been lumped in with the apples, which really didn't fit. The recommendations for the apple would always be wrap dresses and something short with ruffles to "create a feminine shape," and oh my glob do those kind of things look horrible on me. Being tall with plenty of feminine curves, ruffles tend to make me look like the opposite of playing dress up. It's like I, as a grown woman, stole a skirt from a giant-sized toddler. I always end up feeling like that old Cheri Oteri skit on SNL, where she plays Colette, the lipstick-smeared, pill-popping bus-driver. So I was thrilled to not see that recommendation once again, but rather a fitted, midi-length printed skirt. Literally the exact skirt style I always look for, confirming my suspicions that I do look best in straight lines and not feminine flounces. Intrigued by this breakthrough, I also clicked through 14 Fashion Dares (For Every Body Type!) and 15 Perfect Spring Dresses for 15 Body Types, which includes such characteristics as "Soccer Legs" and "Mobama Arms" as things to consider when dress shopping. And if you want to see what my ruffle-wearing persona looks like...

 But now that I'm thinking about it...I'm pretty sure her exact outfit, complete with printed pajama pants, was a standard uniform at fashion week. Either the SNL costume designers were style visionaries or the fashion industry has a collective pill problem...I'm pretty sure her jewelry combination, while meant to make her look insane, would be deemed chic if it were seen on Miss Cara D at the after parties. My whole life is a lie...

2. Lauren Conrad Speaks to my Soul

My high school-to-college years took place during the age of Laguna Beach and then I sat and watched LC live the fashion dreams I was yearning for on The Hills, so even though I've never met the girl, I feel like somewhere in a parallel universe, she's my friend. And I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I think collectively, my LC-generation and I root for her to win. After years of relating to her as she (and we) got passed over by the Stephen Collettis and Jason Wahlers of the world, or felt betrayed when our BFF seemed to get a brain transplant after shacking up with a complete Pratt-hole, we like to see her succeed.

And though I'm always pulling for her, her uber-feminine, classic style is a far cry from my own. I don't covet her Kohl's line or yearn for her shiny hair tips like so many others, but I read her blog religiously because, like I said, she's my friend (well, and regardless of your personal style- it is beautiful). Anyway, while reading my stranger-friend's blog this week, I was so excited to see these coffee cups as part of her Friday Favorites...

LaurenConrad_FridayFavorites_CoffeeCupsSo cute, right? And what a great gift for newlyweds. And then, as I was looking at those, and the rest of the Friday Five, I realized, you know, what?... I also really like those gold-glitter-dipped fortune cookies. And I also love Brigitte Bardot. And retro clutches. And I, too, want a nude/aqua mani. And OMG, I do want Lauren Conrad's style. We are meant to be after all.

3. Wet Hair, Don't Care

No one, and I really mean no one, has ever called me low maintenance. Since the days when I thought, nay knew, that a stack of bracelets on each arm was exactly what my t-ball uniform needed, I think it was pretty clear that I wasn't going to be a minimalist, or one of those girls you would consider a "natural" beauty. Nope, I'm a makeup-to-the-grocery store/won't-catch-me-downtown-in-flats kind of girl. And this rule applies to everything...except my hair. I pay as little attention to my long, wavy hair as I possibly can. It's naturally tendencies are to be dry and frizzy, and I feel like the less "work" it has to do, the better it ends up looking. So I've been doing the sleep-in hair for ages. I braid it at night, sleep, unbraid, shake, and go. And it works for me, but can definitely get boring. So this feature, again on Refinery29 (man, you guys killed it last week), on "4 Overnight Sensations" for styling your hair while you sleep, was just the boost of inspiration I needed!

Refinery29_WetSetHairstylesUsing these tricks can save yourself major styling time as well as add some fun new textures to your hair repertoire. But, as a seasoned sleeper-stylist, I feel I should let it be known that I think these tips work best for hair that fits into the naturally smooth/fine/generally sane category. If you lean a little more towards the electrocuted, like myself, I think it works best to blow-dry/flat-iron your hair until it's generally straight, and then apply these tricks on dry (or slightly damp) hair with some mousse for hold. This, at least, is what works for me. And while I still am spending time heat-styling, I can get away with using a little dry shampoo and hold on to my smooth strands for 3-4 days, retexturing each night as I sleep, so that the following, non-straightening days are a breeze. And the result is in the area of manageable texture, whereas if I did a braid/twists while wet before bed, I would wake up like Diana Ross, which is not always a bad thing. Just thought I should throw that disclaimer out there.

4. Heartbreaker

So now you're singing the Mariah Carey song in your head, aren't you? You're welcome. And in other upcoming news to be thankful for, the Nasty Gal Fall Lookbook, "Breaking Hearts & Taking Names," is out and it's just as awesome as I hoped it would be. Check out the whole collection here or some of my favorites below...

5. People Wearing Prada

The Prada Spring/Summer 2014 collection is being called the highpoint of the season. Innovative silhouettes, mural-art-printed color-blocking, a Technicolor rainbow of bright colors, and beautiful, rich embellishments- it's definitely a wonderful feast for the eyes! But Miuccia Prada is an activist at heart, and apparently with this collection, considered one of the more cerebral of fashion week, she is making a strong statement on feminism. Do I consider myself attuned enough to both determine and distinguish the supposed references towards the movement? No, unfortunately, I can't say that I do. The accessories certainly seem to be making a statement: ladylike handbags paired with footless athletic tube socks...but I can't tell you what exact statement that particular pairing is making. And tops and jackets with trompe l'oeil embellished bras are certainly alluding in some way to the bra-burning movement? But, wait, that doesn't make sense, does it? It's referencing the invention of bras as empowering? Clearly I should just leave this one up to Vogue or W magazine to explain to me, but in the meantime, I will do a complete 180 from striving for intellectual understanding of the collection, and instead just crack up at "People in Prada" from Leandra at The Man Repeller. Here are my favorites...


Amazing, right? Well there are many more hilarious images at The Man Repeller, including Fran Lebowitz and Helga S. Pataki of Hey Arnold fame. And for a more comprehensive, understandable review or see to the show in it's entirety, check out Style.com's, here. In their review, I'm told that Miuccia said "I want to inspire women to struggle," and as the models stomped down the runway to Britney Spears' new single "Work B@*#h," I guess a take-no-prisoners attitude can at least be drawn somewhat easily. So in conclusion: struggle, work hard, and wear bras outside your clothes...did I get it now? :)

And so, my friends, that is this week's roundup, coming to you a day late but hopefully still delivering. And now I'm back to the grind and excited for what's to come for the blog! Thanks for sticking with me! Have a great week!