Random Weekly Roundup #12

I don't want to brag, but I did some pretty fun stuff this week. A big highlight for me was my little sis smuggling me and my long-expired BuckID (shhh....be cool) into "An Evening with Josh Radnor" at OSU. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he plays Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother and he also happens to be from Columbus, where his family still lives. I expected him to be funny and charming, which he was, but he was also surprisingly philosophical and some of the things he said really hit home. One of my favorite things he talked about was how he's proud to be from the Midwest and have the kind of open and friendly personality that is native to the area. And that he thinks being "aloof and cool" is really not cool at all. Another thing that struck me, he was talking about the nerves that come when you're scared to do something, like perform, and how it seems weak, but that it actually could be looked at as the gods of courage flooding your body with the strength it needs to face the fear. Mind you, I am giving you the really horribly paraphrased version, here, but I think the point translates. He talked a lot about positivity and the idea that you can't necessarily choose your thoughts, but you can decide which ones are valid, and that those choices inevitably shape your reality. That's some pretty good stuff. Also, we got to see a live screening of the first episode of this season and my seat happened to be three rows behind Josh Radnor's parents and sister (and where he also sat for the screening) so I was kind of having a fan girl moment. It's pretty cool to see someone in real life while you're also currently watching them on three massive screens. Like watching them watching themselves...it's pretty trippy. And let me tell you, if you ever need to see some real joy, watch the look on a mother's face as her son addresses 1,400 people who are asking how they, too, can be successful like him. I'm sure she was in pain the next day from how big and unrelenting her smile was. :) It was pretty awesome. Well done, Schmosby. And now, in more awesome, making-me-smile news, here are some other things I've been loving this week...

1. Isabel Marant + H&M > Everything

The new Isabel Marant for H&M collection has leaked and it's the print/texture smorgasbord I was hoping for from the French designer, who's consistently so good that I think she might be a sorcerer. Boucle jackets, fair isle sweaters, graphic printed pants, and herringbone heels make for the perfect mix of earthy/cozy and ultra-chic. You can check out the full collection at STYLEITE, here, or see my favorites below...


Are you loving it as much as I do? It's full of the wonderful ethnic styling that is classic Marant. And if this style is your thing, check out my In the Mood for...Bohemian Folk for more cozy, graphic folk pieces on a budget.

2. Facing Facts

So if I might get real glamorous with you for a minute, ever since I hit my mid-20s, my skin seemed to time warp back into the 13-year-old acne problems I never had. It's a strange problem to have generally clear skin through puberty and then as soon you reach the point that you should be shopping for anti-aging eye creams, you're suddenly dealing with breakouts galore. So I was excited to see this post at Lauren Conrad this week about face mapping, an Eastern tradition that combines modern dermatology with ancient Chinese medicine. What's interesting about face mapping is that it gets to the cause of the breakouts, based on their location on the face, so that you can know exactly how to treat them.

FaceMappingClick on the image above to find out what your problem areas mean so you can begin to treat the actual cause. And if you aren't finding the exact information you're looking for (i.e. what to do about hormonal breakouts), check out the comments. There are some smart ladies on that site! PS one reader said to cut out meat and dairy to avoid added hormones. Thanks, stranger!

3. Andre Levy's Tales You Lose

HonestlyWTF makes a regular habit of opening my eyes to artists I otherwise would have never known about. This week's mind-blower is Brazilian designer Andre Levy, who collects coins on his travels and then paints them, turning them into tiny portrait treasures. Check them out...

TalesYouLose_1 TalesYouLose_2 TalesYouLose_3How amazing is that Bowie one? See more images at HonestlyWTF and/or follow Levy on Instagram for the complete series.

4. Emily & Meritt's Teen Spirit

Celebrity stylists and fashion designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliot have created a line for PBTeen that is not as much teen as it is, well, just pretty. Inspired by American vintage with a Wonderland twist, the collection boasts some classic shapes and sophisticated palette, making it easy to see some of them working seamlessly in places other than a teen's bedroom. Here are my favorites...


I'm not embarrassed to say that I want that wardrobe rack and that trunk. Teens, schmeens.

5. Because I'm Addicted...to Rocky Road

Ready for the world's easiest, most delicious-looking snack? This video stars chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, and Whitney Port. Yeah, I'm sold, too. Just watch it...

This no-bake rocky road treat from Because I'm Addicted is sure to become a late night/last minute go-to for when I need a chocolate fix. And, in some especially good news for me and any other poor unfortunate souls out there, it's gluten free! For the list of ingredients and directions, check out the original post, here.

And that wraps up this week's roundup. And as I'm obsessing about no-bake rocky road, I'm wondering, what's your #1 go-to when your sweet tooth needs a fix? And, also, would you ever shop at a "teen" store? Sound off in the comments! I love to hear what you think!

Have a great week!