Random Weekly Roundup #14

Ahhh No-Shave November...The handsomest month of the year. While I hope you are all celebrating the beard-faced men of the world, here are some other things I think we should all be celebrating this week...

1. Reimagining Your Closet

So you know how, as a general organization rule, you're supposed to purge your closet of anything that you haven't worn in an entire year? Well, I whole-heartedly support this as a rule of thumb, but I like to take it just one step further. It is a great idea to compile your items that you're not utilizing, but I think that before you toss them, you should give yourself a specified amount of time, say one week or one month, to see if you can't figure out a way to reincorporate it into your wardrobe. I mean, who knows? Take that Britney-esque camisole you used to rock to death with your glitter-front hip-hugger jeans. I mean, I think we can all agree that that particular look should never be resurrected (and by never, I mean NEVER EVER), but that's not to say that that same camisole wouldn't look great in the post-millennium world with some high-waisted trousers and a boyfriend cardigan. And maybe you would have tossed it before you ever knew it had a second life to live. So with this concept in mind, and a heavy dose of motivation to clean out my closet, I was thrilled to see this article, How to Wear 5 Weird Things We All Own, from Refinery29 in my inbox. It gives great ideas for how to wear those things you hang on to even though you never wear them. Check out what they recommend for those outdated, straight-leg work pants...


 See? They went from kind of dorky to ultra-chic! Check out the rest of their awesome ideas, here, and hopefully you'll get inspired to revamp some of your unused pieces!

2. Reunited And It Feels So Good


Hear ye! Hear ye! In the world's greatest news ever, Kate Moss is set to resume her design collaboration with Topshop, and the line is already well under way! After several sell-out collections between 2007 and 2010, the partnership between the trendsetting model and the London brand was put on hold indefinitely. That is, until the pair is said to have reignited the partnership while on holiday together in August to the delight of Moss-worshippers everywhere. The collection is set to be released for spring/summer 2014 and will be formed of about 40 different items, sold across 40 countries worldwide. See the full story, here, and some of Kate the Great's looks from her previous collections below...


3. The 50 Best Street-Style Shoes From Spring 2014

From the pretty to the surreal, Spring 2014 Fashion Week showcased a bevy of beautiful footwear. While Prada sandals seemed to be the biggest hit, they certainly weren't the only hit. I mean, the footwear options this season have never seemed more infinite! From chunky trainers to sky high embellished boots, the problem isn't what to wear, so much as how to narrow down your options. Here's a preview of some of my favorites, but I definitely recommend checking out the full slideshow at The Cut.


4. Knotty by Nature

Calling all headgear/scarf fanatics, if you haven't seen the Hermès app Silk Knots yet, it's high time to get hip. This app, my new favorite addiction, features countless ideas for stylishly tying the ultimate turban or getting that perfectly draped double wrap scarf. It even includes options like a scarf top or a cummerbund (and that is actually how it's spelled even though I don't know a single person who pronounces it like that). Not great with DIYing or figuring out steps? No worries- the app's got you covered with step-by-step videos and illustrated instruction cards, like this one below...


Awesome, right? The only downfall is that it's a pretty expensive download...psych! It's free! Whoop whoop! Get it on iTunes now and start becoming the master of the scarf!

That's all I've got for this week's Roundup! Do you have any fashion apps that you can't live with out? Share them in the comments!