Random Weekly Roundup #24

This week marked my second monthly post on the Alternative Fashion Blog, and I have to tell you, I really love this group of people! They've been so nice and supportive to work with and it makes me really excited for Alternative Fashion Week in April. I haven't been a part of it before this year, but they have so many exciting events that I'm looking forward to! One in particular is Face Melting for Fashion, which teams up local stylists (I'm one of them!) with local bands and photographers. The bands get styled, wonderful photos are made, and the whole thing concludes with a live concert and photo reveal. I was so excited to be assigned Trachete, an all-female local rock band. They're super cute and I can't wait to give them a new look for the event! And speaking of styling, I've been getting an overwhelmingly awesome amount of stylist opportunities lately, not to mention I get to style someone every week for the "Working Girl Wednesday" posts. Since I started blogging, I've also gotten several personal requests for help with things like packing (which you'll see a post on tomorrow) and outfit ideas for certain occasions. It really got me thinking that I should make the personal questions more a part of the blog, since they're coming in anyway. So I came up with the idea of opening up a monthly "Ask Ashley" post where you can submit whatever questions you have related to style. I'd love to hear what you all think about this idea, especially since it really hinges on questions coming in- is it something you think you would actually use? I'll be keeping you updated on that, but in the meantime, please share your opinion with me in the comments! :)

And now onto some other things that have been on my mind...


1  This "sprinter" mantle makes me want to get DIYing immediately! I love the framed wood- perfect for apartment decorating!  |  2  And speaking of home decor, I need this on my wall asap. The rest of artist Jennis Li Cheng Tien's work is just as whimsical and beautiful, too.


3  Some killer office style from what has to be the coolest place to work.  |  4  A behind-the-scenes video of the making of the famous Romeo + Juliet balcony scene where my two favorite people fell in love. Okay, and then died, but who's keeping score?

5  And god bless Ira Glass for this. I can't wait to "close the gap." :)


Some more things I'm into this week...

Givenchy now supports my long held theory on stockings and sandals.
30 of the most oddly useful websites you've never heard of.
I like this girl. And her hair. And her blogging philosophies.
John Travolta-fy your name! I'm Abbey Willizams.
For anyone who really loves fashion- a great interview with Suzy Menkes.
Painted pineapples because, well, that's just cool.
And the funniest and most accurate description of a trip to Target ever written.

And my favorites around town...

Lily redesigned her website and included me in her new "Local Love" list! :)
This is not New York. This is Columbus. And so is this. Amazing!
I love spring because that means it's time to break out the kimono jackets!
This is basically my pinterest home decor board- all gallery walls, all the time.
Love all of these healthy lunch ideas!
An awesome infographic on why Columbus is "the coolest city in the midwest."
Have a great week!