Random Weekly Roundup #26

I'm just going to say it- I've had a rough week. Being busy or running on a few hours of sleep doesn't usually bother me, but lately I've not only had a stressful to-do list, but have also been dealing with some really unnecessarily rude people. And I've been letting it get to me... bad. But how the heck do you not? And that's not a rhetorical question. Seriously, if you've got the answer, let me know! I like to believe in the whole karma thing and I try really hard to make sure my interactions with other people are positive. I was even voted friendliest girl in the 5th grade. (Hold for applause) But in all seriousness, I was raised by very thoughtful people and taught to put others first, and I'm really proud of that, but sometimes I think the extra effort can make it a little harder to take when it's not returned. It hurts more because you've actually tried.

So anyway, I've been a little down from some negative vibes lately, but luckily, those thoughtful people I was talking about (my parents) came to visit today and it gave me the perfect excuse to take it easy and have fun! We went to lunch and then did a little thrift shopping and it was just what the doctor ordered!

And now for some more positive encounters I've had this week...


1  I love this collection of the 9 Emerging Fashion Photographers to Watch. So inspiring!  |   Curvy fashionistas rejoice! Isabel Toledo's exclusive collection for Lane Bryant brings high-fashion hype to the figure-friendly brand.


3  Healthy brownies have never looked prettier or more delicious.  |  4  From now on, sleevefacing is the only form of selfie posting I want to see. See a fantastic collection of sleeveface here.

RWR26_IfTheyWereInTheir20sNow5  I love these illustrations from Man Repeller imagining how female pillars of the 60s would dress if they were in their 20s today.

But don't leave yet! There's more...

Not sure how to pull off layered necklaces? Check out this guide.
I want to try this, even though it makes me scared and disgusted just thinking about it.
I also really want to try this, but because it makes me feel uplifted just thinking about it.
The best retro-inspired fashion photography.
My new hair-spiration.
And two DIY projects for spring I'm dying to try: here and here.


And from some of my local favorites...

Girl About Columbus is killing it this week! First with this collection of beautiful travel photos...
... and with an adorable outfit showing her Ohio pride!
I totally want to make this popcorn from I Heart Vegetables.
Then there's this beautiful photo shoot styled by Lovely + Rust for Capital Style.
And my favorite look of the week, cozy, laid-back perfection from The Casual Classic.


I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did! And Mom and Dad- I miss you already! Thanks for cheering me up!