Random Weekly Roundup #28

I hope you have a writing utensil on hand, because you're going to want to take notes on my mind-bending profound thoughts this week. Just kidding. I literally couldn't have less to say. I had a photo shoot yesterday for an upcoming event for Alternative Fashion Week (for now, it's top secret ;) ), but other than that, my weekend has literally been emails and cleaning and little excitement. Except the excitement that comes from finally getting my life back in order.

In my abundant amount of relaxation time, I was reading an article about Dakota Johnson, the star of the upcoming 50 Shades of Gray movie franchise, and I had to say I was a little fascinated that she, on more than one occasion, referred to her self/life as "normal." In fact the complete non-normalcy of her family alone (her grandmother is Tippi Hedron, her mother is Melanie Griffith, her father is Don Johnson, and her step-father is Antonio Banderas) led me to a google search that ended in this post about Tippi and Melanie's pet lion. Yep, this is Melanie Griffith in bed with her childhood pet...

And if you haven't seen it before, you've really got to click the link and check out the rest of the photos, which include Melanie's head in the lion's mouth. And as much as I think this is the opposite of "normal," my own mother would 100% own a lion if she were a wealthy Hollywood actress. So I can almost see this being my life under different circumstances. And maybe thinking any part of it were normal...? I don't know it's still a huge stretch. And I'm scared of squirrels, so my imagination can only go so far.

But who cares? Normal is for the birds anyway! (Tippi Hedren pun unintended, but recognized .) Here are my favorite better-than-normal Internet occurrences this week...


1  I literally salivate thinking about these mango blackberry fruit leathers. Mmmmmmm..... Someone make these for me.  |  2  You have to read this incredible story about Vivian Maier, a 1960s nanny whose interest in photography was a lifelong secret. Her amazingly vivid and intimate work was only discovered when a trunk full of negatives was purchased for a mere $380 after her death. See some more of her moving images, here.


3  The Kate Moss for Topshop lookbook has arrived!! Feast your price-conscious eyes...  |  4  These amazing prints by Alberto Seveso are actually ink plumes underwater photographed against a black background to optimize the billowy texture. A. Maze. Ing.

*Disclaimer: violent and dangerous twerking ahead...

5  Yeessssss! I'm not really buying into "Northern Soul" but I've never liked the rumba so much in my life. If you need me, I'll be working on Q. :)


And some more...


This and this are the most beautiful Easter eggs in all the land.
What's your hashtag? A hilarious perspective on the James Franco scandal. #tooyoung4you is right!
Crop top, full skirt, and a whole lotta curves. Simple. Stunning. Perfect.
A hilariously ironic coincidence between Louis C.K. and Bradley Cooper.
11 Stylish Hot Guys with Beards. Enough said.


My favorite local gals...


A super chic and easy herringbone dish DIY.
Checkout Liz in a super cute vintage photo shoot!
These banana cream bars look so good you would never guess they're paleo.
This spring look is color and print perfection!
A high-fashion look for $25 head-to-toe! This girl's good!
Handmade and lovely.
Check out Miche and Amanda at Circa! So glad some of my fave bloggers made it out!


Well, I hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you! And don't forget to enter my Honey Rose & K necklace giveaway before it ends this week!