Random Weekly Roundup #31

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! Even though I didn't get to see my mom for the actual day, I just got back from a visit where my sister and I surprised her with a pre-Mother's Day cupcake from one of her favorite bakeries in the cutest little cloche cupcake stand. She likes to have dessert for breakfast because she's just really cute like that. Obviously I've been thinking a lot about my mom this weekend and I have to tell you one of my all-time favorite things about her. It seems really silly, but she always let me wear makeup and jewelry from as early as I can remember. I know some parents are adamantly against this, but some of my most fun memories are of her putting blush on me and curling my hair before my piano recitals. Or letting me have makeover slumber parties with my friends and use her Mary Kay kits. And one of my all-time favorite memories involves a 4th grade biography report where we were supposed to dress up like the subject and talk to the class like we were that person. My mom (the truest of Anglophiles) convinced me to be Princess Diana, complete with what I felt like was the ultimate princess ball gown (I wish I had a picture). She woke up early to help me put on full hair and makeup and she even let me wear her biggest and flashiest pieces of jewelry. It might sound superficial to some, but I remember just feeling so special that day. I loved that she would let me dress up as much as I wanted and that she understood my "need" to have a new outfit for field day or highlights for my 5th grade picture. It made the whole "feeling pretty" thing that is inevitably a major part of every girl's life, be something that was really fun for me.

So thanks, mom, for letting me haul a suitcase-sized makeup bag and a gas-powered curling iron to school every day in junior high. And thank you for letting me glue rhinestones on my jeans and nails and everything else I owned. And most of all thank you for being beautiful from the inside out and showing me that thoughtfulness and kindness are always more important than lipstick. But then also giving me lots of lipstick. ;)


And now onto some other things I've been loving this week...


1  I'm obsessed with this adorable Twiggy-esque photo shoot of Elle Fanning for Vogue UK.  |  2  And sorry, fiance, but I will marry anyone that makes me this Cauliflower Crust Pizza from A Beautiful Mess. Yum yum yum yum yum...



3  The Met Gala, the Met Gala, the Met Gala! Otherwise known as fashion's Oscar night. Seriously, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are so attractive that they barely even look like humans. I mean, yowza, how is that real life?! And Carrie Bradshaw SJP once again proves that she is the most fashionable person in the world, of course. For more Gala looks, this recap is definitely my favorite. Even if she does leave out one of my favorites from the night, Dakota Johnson (aka Mrs. Grey), I generally agree with her opinions (except re: SJP- I think the Oscar signature is divine).


4  And I have a feeling that even if you've already seen this, your day still probably hasn't had enough tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. That poker chip plate is genius.


Some other links I loved this week...

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Three words: J. Crew. Mercantile!
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And on the other end of the karmic spectrum, Missed Connections for @$*holes.
PS- I would personally write mine to my very vocal Pinterest hater, because there is no excuse for popping off on Pinterest. Ever. Calm down, Pinterest hater, this is a place for crafts and ecards, not irrational hate.


I hope you have a week full of love and non-aggressive pinning!