Random Weekly Roundup #32

Something about myself: I love alone time. I do things by myself like shopping, going to the movies, and even traveling, that I know some people would never do. But I don't just like it- I need it. When I first moved to Columbus I was alone. And I mean completely alone. I knew exactly one person and she lived about 30 minutes away. So I learned to enjoy my own private free time and I've never looked back. Even as my circle of friends, family, and acquaintances, in the city grow each year, I still like to get back to my lonesome beginnings every once in a while. Something about exploring the city by myself really clears my head and gets the creative juices flowing. It makes me feel that perfect combination of being both calm and exhilarated. Today I spent my alone day checking out the Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art. I've read somewhere before that a strong connection to a foreign country and a feeling of being "at home" in different culture comes from our past lives. Well, if I ever did have a past life it was most certainly in turn-of-the-century Paris. The art, the music, the luxe bohemian style... it's just all absolute heaven to me.

And then if that wasn't already a good enough day, I also got my first official Columbus Metropolitan Library card and checked out The Giver. Seriously, I don't know how I missed reading this in school, but somehow I did. And I definitely want the scoop on the real deal before the movie comes out this summer. The same goes for The Fault in Our Stars, for which I had to add my name to the list of 400 tweens who have already reserved it (I'm literally #401). Also on my reserve list, The Good Luck of Right Now, the ABM book club selection for May.

Afterwards I took a walk through the Whetstone Park of Roses, which was beautiful as always. So basically I had a dream day and the best part- the costs came out to a grand total of zero point zero zero dollars. All Free! So now that I'm floating on air after my rejuvenating magical mystery tour of a day, here are a few more things lifting my spirits this week...



Honestly...WTF is one of my favorite blogs because it's the best resource for discovering editorials and art that I otherwise wouldn't have seen, including...  1  This tribal spread in Vogue Australia.  |  2  These surfscape paintings by artist John Holm. Both capture the mood of summer in different but equally beautiful ways.



3  A easy and clever method for creating the perfect smoky eye c/o The Beauty Department.  |  4  And my favorite Instaceleb this week, @_nitch, putting together unique portraits of some of the world's most fascinating people along with a little piece of their mind. #brilliant.


5  Sofia Coppola is directing a live-action adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid. Let that sink in... Okay, good. Now put the pieces of your brain back together... Then watch this parody version of the much-anticipated flick (at least by me) brought to your eyeballs by the folks of Funny Or Die...


 And some other great posts hot off the press...

The second Supergas by Man Repeller collection is out and I'm dying for these and these.

 A mix-and-match bikini shopping tool.

A cute video on how to wear a headscarf by local blogger, Erin of House of Earnest.

And another local blog video from Allison of Be Up & Doing on the creative process.


And since I'm obviously trying to relive my summer reading club days, I'm curious: What's on your summer reading list?  Shout them loud and proud in the comments section!

Oh, and make sure to come back tomorrow for a great giveaway!!

Until next time,