Random Weekly Roundup #34

Sometimes life is steady and other times you're just thrown through loop after loop. And the latter, my friends, has been my emotional roller coaster of a week! I've had some pretty big lows and stressful moments and then would immediately get some good fortune and unexpected surprises. I guess if I can gain anything from all the ups and downs, it's that things can always change. As much as you can plan your schedule, your budget, your life goals, you can get a phone call literally any minute of the day that sends your whole plan in a different direction. So my focus this coming week is to try and take in and appreciate the whole ride, even the terrifying parts. Sure, some of it stinks. I never like the feeling of that slow climb up the hill, but I'm trying to accept it all as part of the ride and making sure to throw my hands up and really scream when the ride finally gets to the fun parts.

And now that I've completely overstayed my welcome on that metaphor, let's check out the most fun parts of the interweb this week...


1  A brilliantly simple guide for styling an editorial-worthy console table. (The Hunted Interior)  |  2   Yes! Horoscope-inspired nail art with Susan Miller! That's mine above. And hold on to your hats, because apparently this year I will "surprise everyone with (my) sensational ideas and artistic expressions." Boom. Drop the mic. (Refinery29)


3  I could spend seven years of my life watching this slideshow: The Rules of Style as Unofficially Told by Sarah Jessica Parker. (Man Repeller)  |  4  Mara Hoffman + Anthropologie = my new favorite couple. Her first ever home line officially launches tomorrow and it is gooood. (Anthropologie)  

5   Welp, I can officially cross "cry while watching a puppet video" off of my bucket list. I warned you my week was an emotional roller coaster, didn't I? (YouTube)


Etc., etc., etc....

I'm really curious about this new technique for creating beach waves. (Rachel Zoe)

Major supply envy. (Thanks, I Made it)

Pattie Boyd beauty tutorials c. 1965. (Garance Doré)

I love these blackout poems made from newspapers. (Austin Kleon)

I really want to take a weekend trip to Nashville and I wouldn't mind pretty much this exact one. (Wander & Whine)

Comparing the vocal ranges of top artists. (Huffington Post)

And some blog friends who are doing big things: Lacy Rose was named Ruchette of the Month (Ruche) and Girl About Columbus was voted #3 Best Local Blogger in the ColumBest 2014 awards (614 Magazine). Great job, ladies! You deserve it!