Random Weekly Roundup #35

Today was pretty great. I slept in after an exhausting (but good!) week and then went to a dance recital that was adorable and the world's best mood lifter. Seriously, I don't care if you've never even thought about having kids, if you're feeling down, just head to any local dance recital. It's sure to be the cutest and most hilarious thing you've seen in a while. Although, now that I think about it, that idea sounds a little creepy, so maybe you're better off watching some on YouTube (click the link to see what I mean). And now onto some of my favorite links of the week...


1  You've likely seen individual images on Pinterest and around the web, but I highly recommend checking out Sarah Illenberger's clever collection of reinterpreted fruits and vegetables as a whole. (Sarah Illenberger).  |  2  I found this editorial from Vogue China, Modern Romance, to be just captivating. Soft and pretty, yet still so fresh. (HonestlyWTF)


3  So I didn't know this about myself until I joined Pinterest, but apparently I have a pretty big obsession with colored doors. And this post delivers the fix I'm craving. (Because I'm Addicted)  |  4  If you want to know exactly how you're going to want to be dressing this fall, look no further than the styling wizardry that is Madewell Fall 2014. (NY Mag)


5  These dinosaur tea party art prints almost perfectly encompass my niece and nephew, also known as the best people in the world (Sautter Pictures on Etsy).

Need some more links?...

The most beautiful skirt in the world (Fast Food and Fast Fashion).

Fumble over how to pronounce L'Occitane? You are not alone. A definitive on pronouncing luxury beauty brands. (Marie Claire)

The chicest party (and cutest haircut) ever. (Garance Doré)

Some great summer outfit inspiration. (Girl Meets Glam)

Some of these are hilarious- 36 Actors Hanging Out With Their Body Doubles. (BuzzFeed)

Want to make a grown man cry? Show him this. (YouTube)

Do you have any YouTube go-to's for when you need a pick-me-up? Share your funniest in the comments!