Random Weekly Roundup #40

Hey old friends! I'm happy to be back in the blogosphere after a week off. Let me ask you this- have you ever slept for 16 hours straight? Well as of Sunday I officially have and it was craaaazy. I literally woke up and an entire day was gone. That my friends is why I needed the break. That being said, it feels so good to be getting back in to the normal swing of things. And I couldn't miss a chance to jump back in with a roundup!

Here, my favorite internet content produced by people who, unlike me, weren't spending their time maintaining a gentle coma...


1  She killed it at Cannes, looked almost inhumanly gorgeous at the Met Gala, and with her latest frontier-inspired spread in the August edition of Vogue, I officially declare (in my world where I can officially declare things) Blake Lively Queen of 2014 (Who What Wear).  |  2  Have you heard of the Rialto Jean Project? The philanthropic denim brand, which features hand-painted vintage denim, not only looks really cool but also benefits art therapy programs at The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Pretty awesome. (Honestly WTF).     


3  Attention parents: You may not have realized that your child needs a small top hat and a stuffed bunny jumper from the lovable Annika brand, but they do. They really do (Little Gatherer).  |  4  And the inspired design of Captain and the Gypsy Kid blogger Sheree Commerford's family home (SF Girl By Bay).


5  And we've talked about my love of So You Think You Dance before, but last week this happened and I can't stop thinking about it. See if you can spot the almost disaster...

I swear if Travis Wall choreographed toilet paper commercials I would watch them on repeat.


And don't miss out on these!...

I'd never turn my nose up at some Frank-in-a-box, but in case you've got a more refined pallet, 10 hacks to make boxed wine taste amazing (Cosmopolitan).

The best new photo app (A Beautiful Mess).

Some inspiration for my new favorite hairstyle, the half-up top knot (Le Fashion).

Some incredible networking tips for introverts (Cupcakes & Cashmere).

The best dress of the summer and it's from Target (...Love Maegan).

One of the best DIYs I've seen in a long time (A Storied Style).

I'm dying over Giambattista Valli's Fall 2014 Couture collection (Miss Kris).

While I'm vehemently against posting pictures of spiders online, these amazing guys are called sequined spiders, so I made an exception (Bored Panda).


What links are you liking this week? Let's gather round and chat in the comments section.