Random Weekly Roundup #43

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I'm incredibly sports-savvy. Maybe even the greatest athlete they've ever known.

Hahahahahahaha. I'm pretty sure my use of the word "savvy" in that sentence gave me away, but anyway, who cares? Just because my knowledge of baseball players is directly related to how many actresses they've dated doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good sports story. And it definitely doesn't mean I'm not completely impressed with Mo'ne Davis.


I'm going to safely assume since you're reading this that your first thought when you hear the word "diamond" has nothing to do with dirt, and therefore it's possible that you might have missed the story of this awesome 13-year-old girl. You can read more about Mo'ne Davis here and here (and pretty much everywhere else), but basically she caught everyone's attention Friday when she became the first girl to throw a shutout in Little League World Series history. And if that wasn't impressive enough, she is apparently even better at basketball and dreams about playing in the WNBA. Talk about taking #likeagirl to a whole new level!


Some more things I'm impressed with this week...


1  Do you ever wish that a day at the museum involved way more high-fashion product placement? Then you are kind of weird (me too) and must immediately follow Chris Rellas (aka @copylab), whose combination of all things Art History and It Girl make for one entertaining Instagram account. (HonestlyWTF)  |  2  Erin Wasson's home is amazing. So are her boots... and her tattoos... and her hair... (Because I'm Addicted)



3  I'm dying to take a weekend trip to Nashville and local blogger, Lindsey, has a great guide for where to stay, eat, and, of course, shop! (Thrift and Shout)  |  4  Lauren Bacall was the definition of Old Hollywood glamour and this collection of her most iconic photos is stunning. (Harper's Bazaar)



5  These paint and marker portraits by artist Antoine Cadet are sad in the most beautiful and amazing way. (The Jealous Curator)  |  6  And finally, the weirdness of both 3-D printing and hermit crabs have combined in a project that you just have to see for yourself. (Bored Panda)


Some more...

Sweet god- somebody get me these Spanx jeans. (WhoWhatWear)

Looking at these literally makes my mouth water. (A Beautiful Mess)

The refrigerator of my dreams. (Desire to Inspire)

Did you know you can wear your phone pics? (...Love Maegan)

Whoops! 10 Organization Habits You Need to Establish Before 30. (Domaine)

Some adorable outfits involving a pair of overalls. (Alisa Burke)

Local blogger, Allison, has written a book about harnessing the powers of introversion- brilliant! (Be Up & Doing)

And on that topic, a very cute map of the introvert's heart. (Society 6)

What links are loving this week?