Random Weekly Roundup #46

Did you know that yesterday was National Fight Procrastination Day? I was going to celebrate but I think I'll just put it off until tomorrow. Hey-O! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be here all week. Try the veal. But seriously, procrastination is definitely something I've struggled with my whole life. And what the real battle is, and a lot of you can probably relate, is that it comes from perfectionism. So I'm not putting stuff off being lazy, it's really that I'm not getting things done because it can't or won't be exactly I'm envisioning in my head. So it's a constant cycle of feeling really driven and then really disappointed.

But honestly, this blog is a huge help with that, because it's never perfect. I never have enough money/time/resources to really create the content I want, but I'm still just creating it anyway. And this is really the first time in my life I've been able to do that. Happily produce the imperfect, that is. And I think it helps a little to ease the fear of the flaws in other areas of my life. Because there really is no point in letting imperfection hold you back from anything- absolutely no one is noticing all of the things that you are fixating on. No one.

If procrastination is something you struggle with, what do you do to combat it? Share all of your wise tips for productivity in the comments section! But in the meantime, let's embrace procrastinating in order to put off the more pressing issues and instead take a look at some of my favorite content floating around the interweb this week...



1  Some of the best fashion collaborations this season. Rita Ora x Adidas Originals. MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show. Converse x Missoni. Yes, yes, yes and show me some more. (Nylon)  |  2  If you, like everyone else, were in love with this summer's gold tattoo trend, then you'll love Mr. Kate's latest Beauty Mark endeavor: watercolor tattoos! And they are beautiful. (Mr. Kate)



3  Ruth Oosterman, artist and blogger at Mischievous Mommy, creates these awesome watercolor paintings from her 2-year-old's doodles. (Bored Panda)  |  4  And this DIY Tribal Backpack was made with a Sharpie Paint Pen. Boom! Drop the mic. (Alisa Burke)


5  I was so sad to hear about the death of Joan Rivers. It might seem silly, but no matter how much life would get me down at times, she would always crack me up each week on Fashion Police. I love this video of her career highlights and will really miss her sense of humor. There is definitely no one like her and the red carpet will never be the same.

And in case you missed these...

I was so excited to see this post about things to do in my hometown of Dayton on one of my favorite Brooklyn-based blogs. (Design Sponge)

Keri Russell really knows how to rock a striped top. (Le Fashion)

Bill Cunningham's words of wisdom for the fashion industry. (Fashionista)

And finally, are you an outgoing introvert? I obviously am because these really hit home, especially #1-5. (Introversion Effect)

Speaking of hitting home, if any of these links are doing just that, let's talk about it- leave me a comment! :)