Random Weekly Roundup #6

Hi friends! I hope you have had as good of a weekend as I have! I spent it visiting my family in Dayton and getting in lots of adorable quality time with my niece and nephew. Me, my dad, and my sisters took them to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and then we celebrated my grandpa's birthday with the rest of the family. And a bonus treat, my grandma was in a bit of an unloading mood and sent us home with some antiques and some new gadgets for the kitchen. Score! And here are some other things I'm excited about this week...


1. Awkward Years Project

So you may have seen this blog, Awkard Years Project, on Refinery29 this week, which is where I first heard of it. I love the idea- a before and after collection of portraits showing adults with photos of their most awkward younger years. The goal is to be fun, but also to be empowering. Isn't it funny how you can feel like you've completely moved past that year that was filled with chubby cheeks, barrel curl bangs, and snazzy turtlenecks (I'm obviously describing myself here), and then as soon as one of those photos is brought out, the humiliation comes right back? Well, the blog is really about taking ownership over how those years helped shape the awesome people of present day. But even better, it's a way of offering solace to kids who are currently going through a rough stage, by letting them see how other awkward people made it through and how they've become successful, happy adults. It shows them it's really not as lonely of an experience as it feels like- I love this!


2. Embroidery Art Homes

I first saw the art of Stephanie K. Clark on Honestly WTF and I'm so glad they brought her to my attention! On her site, Clark describes herself as "a painter and I paint with thread." Her unbelievable embroidered artworks consist of mainly thread and some printed fabrics, which come together as rich, detailed images with a modern twist. I love the black outlined background details and museum-quality use of light and shadow. Check out some of my favorites from her series depicting an array of homes, from RV's to log cabins...



3. Phillip Lim + Target

If there was ever a time to pay close attention, it is this exact moment- get out your calendars and mark 9/15 as your happiest shopping day this fall! Seriously. Do it. That is the day that the over-100-piece 3.1 Phillip Lim clothing and accessories collection will be out in Target stores everywhere- in other words, the day I go buy a fabulous designer outfit for under $100. Enough talk, just look at some highlights from the collection (click for details)...


4. Yummmmmm......

So if you read these on a regular basis, you've probably picked up on the fact that I really love the girls from A Beautiful Mess and their blog. They're kind of an obsession of mine. So I was beyond excited when my daily email update showed me my other incurable obsession- mushrooms! Now I know mushrooms are really polarizing, but I am on whatever end of the polar measuring device includes non-pregnant pregnancy cravings for mushroom anything with mushroom sauce. Seriously, sometimes I think about them in bed when I'm trying to fall asleep. But mushrooms, red wine, and pasta are (foolishly!) a combination I've never tried and I literally haven't stopped thinking about this picture ever since I saw it last week. And the best part of the Red Wine and Mushroom Pasta is that it's only a small (and beautiful) contribution to the blog's 15 Favorite 30-Minute Meals post, here. I am definitely making this recipe sometime this week. And two others I can't wait to try are the Pecan Tilapia and Baked Brussels and Easy Pad See Ew. Yum!

RWR_30MinuteMeals2 RWR_30MinuteMeals3


5. Hot Off the Press

Folk-Bohemian styles were all over the Fall '13 runways, and with fashion nostalgia comes home décor nostalgia. I love this DIY flower pressing project from A Pair & A Spare, here. It's simple, very affordable, and results in a cool, 70s-inspired piece of artwork that is both classic and romantic. Now if I can just drop some subtle hints (like an online public statement) to the fiancé that I need some flowers... :)


So that's it for this week's roundup! Like the pressed flowers DIY, there's so much retro-inspired style out there lately- I'm wondering, what's your all-time favorite style from decades past? Mine is probably the cat-eye eyeliner (I do it everyday!) or bohemian-style kimono jackets. Tell me yours in the comments section!

Also, you may have noticed that I haven't had a DIY in a while, but don't worry, I'm making up for it with not one, but two DIY projects this week! Keep your eye out!