Random Weekly Roundup #50

Am I posting this at 5 am? Why yes I am and thank you for asking. My WOW internet wasn't quite living up to its namesake yesterday (today?), so I'm a little (a lot) behind schedule. I'm also reaching that time of night/morning when I start to get real weird, so I'll just cut to the chase- these things were awesome this week. Please enjoy.  


1  The most beautiful (thrifted and DIY) Halloween tablespace. (Justina Blakeney)  |  2  People telling the stories behind their tattoos. This guy got his on a spiritual quest through the mountains of Central Asia. Just kidding- he was drunk. (The New Yorker)



 3  Isn't this Autumn Apple No-Bake Chocolate Tart beautiful? And bonus: it's gluten free!  (Lauren Conrad)  |  4  Yesss! Pumpkins as fashion icons. Can you guess who this one is? (Domaine Home)


5  Have you seen this new foundation matching technology at Sephora? I'm wondering how it factors pre-applied makeup and self-tanning into the equation... I'm also wondering why Ayeisha hates Tinder jokes so much... (Into The Gloss)


 Still not ready to work yet?...

The most sparkly post you'll ever see. (The Blonde Salad)

Have you heard of these shorts? Because they're hilarious. (Chubbies)

How second graders do fine dining. (NY Times)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer is out! (YouTube)

Give. Me. These. Now. (LRF)

Why being afraid is good. (Oprah)


Good morning to most. Good night to me. And most of all, keep it real today, friends! :)