Random Weekly Roundup #52

Wow! 52 weeks of roundups! That's a whole lot of links! It also equals a year's worth of sharing, give or take a few missed weeks. So on this special occasion, let's take some time to evaluate. Is this a post you all love? Should I keep it up for 52 more or does it need a little remix? A little face lift? Give your thoughts/comments/suggestions- I'd love to hear from you!

And now to my most liked of all the links this week...



1  Long hair, don't care. I think I've finally found my spirit animal in this Shakira-esque Gypsy Vanner Horse. Check out the entire list of animals with majestic hair. It doesn't disappoint. (Bored Panda)  |  2  I thought this Vogue UK editorial, Amongst the Bohemians, was really inspiring with all of the beautiful textures and colors. (Honestly WTF)



3  If your wardrobe needs a little boost, these 3-second styling tricks are so smart and simple and will leave you looking like a fashion pro. (Who What Wear)  |  4  And if you like your inspiration in home decor form, check out what these amazing bloggers did in just six weeks for the One Room Challenge- so amazing! (Calling It Home)


5  And if you haven't already binge watched your life away, every episode of the second season of City.Ballet is available and it's addicting. Here's a preview... (AOL)


Need more things to look at?...

Two of the prettiest makeup looks to try. (The Zoe Report)

I LOVE these fawn walls. (The Hunted Interior)

NYE outfits meet your match made in heaven: Cara x Topshop. (We Heart Fashion)

This is my favorite look I think I've ever seen. (Chapter Friday)

This (gluten-free!) cake looks amazing and this is a great DIY for your old sweaters. (A Beautiful Mess)


Happy new week, friends!