Random Weekly Roundup #7

Today is the start of our one week countdown to moving day!! Aggghhh! So I'm writing this amidst stacks and boxes and a general overwhelming sense of clutter. And I'm reveling in this time spent writing as a much needed break from the dreaded purge and pack.

Aside from the excitement of a new place (finally!), here are some things going on in the fashion/art/digital world that I'm excited about this week...

1. DIY Inspo from Stripes & Sequins


A few years ago, when charm bracelets really blew up, I was buying them everywhere- cheap trendy stores, thrift stores, garage sales, whatever. Fast forward to last week, in the full-on give away/throw away mode that comes with preparing to move, and I found myself wanting to hang on to these trinkets even though I haven't been wearing them at all in the past year. So imagine my happiness this week, when the DIY brilliance of Grace Atwood and her blog, Stripes & Sequins, submits this charm bracelet upgrade using Martha Stewart Jewelry Enamel Colors into my life. I'm so glad that I decided to saved my charms because now I can breath some new life into them with this project. I love how the enamel adds a more charming vintage quality while somehow also making it seem much more modern. Thank you, Grace!


2. Must-See Cult Fashion Documentaries

So in an admission of dorky indulgence, I have to say that Top 10 lists make me a little weak in the knees. And now I find out about a Top 10 list of the best cult fashion documentaries? Basically all of my favorite things ever? Well, just go ahead and call the coroner because I've died and my soul is in heaven watching "McQueen and I." And, well, because I guess they wanted me dead, this list from Dazed Digital showcases the best underexposed documentaries that offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the secret ways of the fashion tribe. They've also added a clip of each one....now if only Netflix would offer this exact list for me to watch one after the other in an blissful aesthetic trance...

Here, a peak at Christy Turlington through one fashion week span in "Catwalk"...

3. A Well-Accessorized Camera

This beautiful scarf-as-a-camera-strap was brought to my attention by blogger Garance Doré, who, it's noted, spotted it herself doing a beautiful photo shoot with Annabelle Dexter-Jones, which you can see here.  And now my camera is suffering from a traumatic level of ugly duckling syndrome, so I will have to give it the ultra-chic and super simple upgrade soon!

RWR_ScarfCameraStrapWhy in the world haven't I thought of this before?...

4. Zadig & Voltaire Fall '13 Lookbook

Let's get straight to the point- the Zadig & Voltaire fall collection has metallic menswear-inspired suits, animal prints galore, rich-hued velvet, and the ultimate bohemian accessories. Sold? Yeah, me too. Check out some of my favorites...




I don't know about you, but these looks are exactly what I want to see right now. They feel so current and cool. To see more of the collection and for shopping information, head here.

5. Jack Wills' British Prep


Warning: embarrassingly ditzy anecdote ahead.... When I visited London a couple of years ago, I had not heard of Jack Wills, which, in case you haven't either, is somewhat of a British Abercrombie & Fitch or Banana Republic. A huge name and the go-to place for all your preppy basics. Anyway, as someone who coincidentally shares this surname, I'm walking down the street my first day there with a lovely British gal I had just met when I see a girl up the walk with a hoody that says "WILLS 01" on the back like a sports jersey. So I foolishly announce, "hey, we've got the same name," to which I received a sidelong glance from my companion, who after a moment's confusion was like "haven't you heard of Jack Wills?" Well, obviously, no, or I would have probably chosen a less ridiculous thing to say. Here I am thinking just me and this random girl would ever sport such a shirt. And then to add to it, I'm hearing myself make another wrong assumption that Jack Wills is some sort of soccer stud around their parts. Anyway, we laughed about this, but to add to the embarrassment, I saw a version of this same sweatshirt probably 30 times over the next week, so apparently I just have a lot of relatives in London.

Well my "uncle Jack" just so happens to be sweeping America lately, so if you're not already, we will probably all be aware of the brand pretty soon. Here's a few images to get you acquainted...

RWR_JackWills2 RWR_JackWills3 RWR_JackWills4

To see more, or to purchase a commemorative sweatshirt for me, go here.


Well, I guess I'm back to the packing grind! I'm keeping the The Little Engine That Could in my ear, only it's "bigger closets, bigger closets, bigger closets..." And now that I've shared my tourist foot-in-mouth story, tell me, what's the stupidest/most awesome thing you've ever said that got lost in translation?

Wishing you a happy week!