Random Weekly Roundup 8/52

The increasing quality of DIY projects on the Internet continues to amaze me. So much so that this week's roundup ended up a little craft crazy. So what do you say we grab our supplies and jump right in?...



1  This DIY acrylic message board has so many awesome possibilities. (A Beautiful Mess)  |  2  Such a simple and pretty spring upgrade to those affordable clear phone cases. (...Love Maegan)



3  I have a strange obsession with gemstone soaps so this DIY is right up my alley. (Fall for DIY)  |  4  These adorable DIY jewelry cloches are a clever way to keep your most precious jewelry on display. (Honestly WTF)


5  Love these 15 second #Babeskills how-to videos. (Piece of Chic)


And a few for the anti-DIYers...

Bloggers, crafters, countrymen: Pinterest tips you need. (Adventures in Fashion)

A hilariously true account of getting your hair done. (The Daily Tay)

Reformation has gone petite. (Reformation)

A few for my reading list. (Elise Blaha)

And last but not least, this first girl might be my hero. (Simplee Chic)


Are you adding any of these DIYs to your must-do list?