Random Weekly Roundup #8 + September Kickoff!

September Kickoff!

Growing up, one of my all-time favorite things to do was back-to-school shopping. In elementary school, there was nothing like some fresh new Lisa Frank folders and a brain-shaped eraser to make you feel cool for the first day. And then moving up into junior high, it became all about the perfect outfit. You wanted something new and on-trend, but the trick was finding that perfect balance between looking your best and also not looking like you tried too hard. This, after all, had to represent the look that you would maintain throughout the year. And so in that way, the beginning of a new school year seemed loaded with promise. You could, in a sense, through your back-to-school shopping decide what was important to you that year- who you wanted to be. And I think as an adult, even though I'm not loading up a trapper keeper, there is still a sense that the fall is the true beginning of the year. A kind of opportunity to decide how you want the next year of your life to be and then work on trying to make that happen.

For last month's August Kickoff I made a few goals, and as usual, I had some successes and some lesser successes. Lesser successes, you ask? Well, I guess technically some people might consider them failures, but I'll tell you why they're not. First let's talk success- I 100% officially kicked my Diet Coke addiction. I haven't had one sip of Diet Coke all month, and have also been avoiding any and all aspartame. I considered this the toughest challenge for me- I was so incredibly tired and had major headaches for almost two weeks- so basically everything past this point, I consider a home run. I also did the 30-day self-portrait challenge on Instagram, and minus two days when my life was in the chaotic disaster that is moving, I posted a picture everyday! So I still consider that an A. I exercised about 50% as much as I planned, but again, moving plus several days sick, so I am still proud of the 50%, because it was at least an increase from the month before. I admit I dropped the ball on catching up with friends, well, mainly because I forgot it was a goal, but better late than never, so I plan to make that up this month.

So all-in-all during my first month of public goal-setting, I guess I earned about a C-, but I want to look at it more as room for improvement than not succeeding. So this month's goals will be to retry some of the lesser successes and focus on turning the outcome into an A+. Here they are:

1. Follow this exercise plan every day- no matter what!- 50 crunches plus a 1-minute plank morning and night along with 30-60 minutes of cardio or yoga/pilates.

2. Call all my friends that I’ve been out of touch with lately. Because even though I love them, I am so bad about putting this off. It’s always the thing I’ll do “tomorrow.”

Look familiar? Yeah, this month is going to be crazy for me- I've got three costume design projects in the works and we will be settling into our new place, so I think less is more for now. I will only focus on these two things so that I can get them right! Slow steps forward, right? And let me know if you are setting any goals for yourself this month! Let's get some teamwork going! Help me help you. :)

Random Weekly Roundup

 And here are some things I've been loving this past week...

1. The Perfect Fall Clutch


I have such a major crush on this paisley cutout suede clutch at Anthropologie. The Velvetbloom Clutch by Miss Albright, while not exactly a steal (it's $88), I think it's a great investment for fall. I can see it adding charm to so many outfits, from boots and denim in the daytime to a maxi dress and jacket in the evening- the possibilities are endless! It's a perfect mix of casual and dressy, bohemian and modern. The only problem? Deciding on one of the fabulous color combinations! Seriously, I don't think I can choose.

2. I've Got Major Issues


 I'm not the only one out there who believes the year starts in September. For the fashion industry, the fall season is everything and fashion magazines pull out all the stops for the famed September issues. Girl-of-the-year, Jennifer Lawrence, landed the coveted Vogue spot, and even though it's got about 10 pounds of ads, it's obviously the must-have for all the fall fashion trends. But, really, I would say all seven of the above should be on your fall fashion must-read list. Not to mention O, with it's biggest statement-making cover to date. Curl up and enjoy!


3. Ke$ha is a Style Icon...?

When I got my hands on free tickets to this past week's Ke$ha concert, I was definitely excited. But my excitement was for the trashiness of it all- I thought it would be a perfectly hilarious and entertaining train wreck. I never expected to leave feeling a sense of respect for Ke$ha as an artist. Not only did she sing well (which I did not expect), but the concert was perfectly choreographed with nonstop energy and entertainment. And while she definitely didn't disappoint in the trash department, it was all with a positive, just-for-fun message that you should be exactly who you want to be and do exactly what you want to do. Now fashion-wise, if I'm being honest, Ke$ha is one of the worst style icons in the history of clothing, but as I watched her thrusting in a cropped ripped tank top, over a black lace teddy and sequin cutoff shorts, I have to say I was oddly inspired. And hear me out, I was not at all inspired to dress like I'm also attending Ke$ha's white trash version of Coachella, but inspired to try and tap into those days when I really tried to express myself with what I wore instead of worrying about drawing too much attention or worrying if someone else wouldn't like it. It can be really easy to get caught up in what you "should" wear instead of putting a personal spin on your look and having fun with clothing. We could all use a little (probably a very, very little) dose of Ke$ha's ability to know exactly who she is and put it out there to the world.


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And so that concludes my weekly roundup. I hope you guys are enjoying your Labor Days! Stick with me this week because I'm really excited about what's going on here on the blog. It's going to be a week full of awesome things like back-to-school collegiate style, a sophisticated and cheeky DIY project, and an exciting new addition that I won't give away just yet! Just stick with me and I promise it will be awesome!