Random Weekly Roundup #9

This has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I moved out of my apartment on August 30th but couldn't move into my new apartment until September 6th, so I had an entire week of living out of packed bags/my car/other people's homes. I knew going into it that it would be rough, but it took a much bigger toll on me than I expected, making me just completely exhausted and even sick. Oddly enough, during this week, I received a newsletter email about how to cope with the "Top 5 Most Stressful Life Events," one of which actually was moving! I didn't have time to read it because, well, I was stressed and moving, so I'll never know what kind of valuable coping advice it held. But I do know one of my all-time favorite ways to unwind and relieve stress, and that's surfing. And by that I mean the web. For amazing stuff. Here are my favorite things this week...

1. Fan Nails

Okay, so maybe you don't live in a football-obsessed town like I do, or even like sports at all. In that case, please skip ahead to #2. But if your life this time of year involves jerseys, tailgating, and constant updates about your boyfriend's fantasy team, then you and your fingertips need to check out Babble's 27 Fabulous Football Manicures. Here are my favorites...

FootballFanNails_Turf FootballFanNails_Football

Loving the texture on these manicures! I think I would pair the AstroTurf nails from TheDailyVarnish with the football nails from PolishEtc., using the latter as the accent nail...


And can I just tell you that I never get tired of the fact that my home pride team, the Bengals, are obviously the fiercest in the league. I mean, really? Tiger stripes? Fashion-wise, no one can beat that (I'm talking to you, Steelers fans). Hate the Bungles? You can check out more fan nail art to support your own home team at Covergirl.com.

2. Pointed-Toe Mules

I'm a little obsessed with the style direction that footwear is currently taking. Quote-unquote ugly shoes are having a major moment right now, from the Birkenstocks revival to plastic flatforms, it's once again cool to stomp around in unflattering footwear, and I couldn't find it more exciting. I mean, honestly, aren't we all sick of the pinup peep-toe platforms and sky-high stilettos that have dominated the past several years? With all the daring new shoe trends around, they just seem so...tired. My favorite ugly shoe trend, the pointed-toe mules, aren't really ugly at all, but quite sleek and beautiful. I only place them in this category because I can imagine stiletto-clad girls in malls everywhere gasping at their ugliness. But if you really think about it, isn't that sort of what fashion really is? Daring to wear what 98% of people will think is ugly until 3 seasons later when they finally think it's cool? Be among the 2% in these exotic Jenni Kayne's...


or,  if you don't spend $625 on shoes, this equally cool version from Nine West...


3. Cheese Heads

As if a Mini Babybel cheese wasn't already the cutest snack in town, people of the world, namely Cute Food for Kids, had to go and make them fuh-reakin' adorable. Case in point...


If you, like oh-so-many others, are a cheese snack portraiture aficionado, you might be like "ummm...I saw these like two years ago." Well, I didn't and I think they are cool now. If you want to make your own (because, duh, who doesn't?), the eyes are sesame seeds and the on-point hairstyles are the original waxy casings. Now just to find the perfect occasion for custom-styled cheese heads...

4. The Lady is a Vamp


The lip forecast for fall is dark, dark, and then even darker. Nail the gothic, vampy lip trend that was all over the fall runways with this tutorial from Team Zoe's Joey Maalouf at The Zoe Report. It's a beautiful (that hair!) and helpful tutorial, but what if you don't have gorgeous brown skin? Pale girls, fear not! Find your best shade with this slideshow at Harper's Bazaar, where the editors, and their varying skin tones, road-tested the Bordeaux lip trend so you can preview how the trend will work for you.

5. Cover Art

My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this feature on HonestlyWTF this week...

CoverArt_1 CoverArt_2 CoverArt_3 CoverArt_4

These amazingly cool magazine covers are illustrated by interior designer Ana Strumpf using Sharpies and DecoColor Pens as part of her Re.Cover series for a São Paulo exhibition this summer. I'm literally speechless about how much I love these. I have never wanted to copy anyone's art so bad in my life. September issues here I come! (You can check out more images at HonestlyWTF as well as the entire collection and more from the artist at AnaStrumpf.com.)

And now I just want to wrap up this roundup by saying that this is by far my favorite one to date! I just love the creative things people are putting out there! Especially after a long hard week, it's great to sit for a moment and look at inspiring work. And yes, I do count Cheese Heads as inspiring work.

Whenever your week is crazy, what's your favorite way to de-stress?