The ROUNDUP // 3.13.17

You guys, I can't believe I'm saying this again, but I have been so sick for the better part of last week. AGAIN! It's starting to feel like I've been sick almost all winter, and it's been making it hard to keep things balanced and stay on track with my goals. It's an inner struggle of self-care vs. progress that I've been thinking about and reading about a lot lately. How do you stay moving forward when things like physical or mental health issues are constantly interfering with your well-laid plans? A post on that will be coming soon, but in the meantime, if you'd like to share your input feel free to comment or message me. I don't usually post these roundups on a Monday, but as it has been going lately, I'm pretty much on a rotation of cough drops, Theraflu, and schedule adjustments, so I'm trying to roll with it. I hope you can, too.

Now, onto the fun part! Here are some things I've been bookmarking, pinning, and just generally enjoying lately.

1  I always get excited to see Cassie's style and creativity, but this post on her own home update blew. my. mind. It's absolute color- and print-mixing mastery and is just so inspiring. (Hi Sugarplum!)  |  2  Did you know you could marble concrete?! And according to this DIY planters post, it's actually a very easy medium to work with. So cool. (Row House Nest)


3  Sometimes it's the very little things that can change your life, like realizing you might not be using bobby pins correctly. (Camille Styles)  |  4  I love these custom code word rings from Lulu Frost, which you allow you to mix and match letter stones for a personalized message. I'm adding the word CREATE to my wishlist because the color combo is gorgeous. (Lulu Frost)


5  There are so many funny things to appreciate in this video: the daughter's confident dance intro, the frantic dive-bombing mother, the father desperately trying to escape into his eyelids. I'm pretty sure any parent/caregiver can relate. (BBC News)

In the mood for more?

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Adding some of these books to my must-read list.

Important advice: how to write a cold email that doesn't suck.

I don't think I've ever said this before, but that is one chic trash can.

I'm obsessed with this chainmail sconce but way less crazy about the price tag. Maybe a DIY is in order?

What links are you loving this week?