September Life and Business Goals

Oh man, I can't believe how fast September is flying by! Or the fact that I am just now getting around to my monthly goals! Mainly it's because I've still been trying to finish up what was definitely an overly-ambitious list of August goals. Normally, I would like to repost that list and go through each goal one by one and report back to you how I did. Except I'm generally 75% done with all of it so basically you can just apply "sort of" to all my goals last month and that's where I'm at.

Overall it's been a pretty productive month for me. My design partner and I made some serious progress on our collection for Highball (a fashion/costume design contest), I've done a logo design and full re-branding for a local company, and I've gotten some work done on my own logo and branding for a graphic design site I hope to launch this fall.

I've still got a lot more design work to do this month, so I want to keep my outside goals kind of easy and fun. Here's what I've got on my plate...


Why is learning a rap song on piano part of my goals list? Because why the heck not? I just keep seeing that YouTube video of the guy playing Dr. Dre on piano and I want in. Hopefully next month I'll have a slammin' video of my own to share. :)

What goals are you working on this month?