Shop the Trends: Ditching the Hoodies

In an admission of honesty, I reach for my worn-in sweatshirts and yoga pants way too often. Living in a major University town, this look is not only accepted, but pretty standard. However, as someone who is well past their college days and generally trying to trick people into thinking I'm a mature adult, I know it's not really the image I'm trying convey. Yet still, as the weather gets colder, the only thing I can think about is being comfortable in a big, worn-in hoodie. So, I've rounded up these looks below based on some of fall's biggest trends with the intention of offering some comfortable and stylish replacements for your favorite old sweatshirt. And I personally hate to spend my money on "basics" or comfy clothes (if it's not evening or vintage, I won't invest), so I made sure these were all within a budget- in fact, not one item, not even the shoes, is over $50! Folk

runway | sweater

up: tights | skirt | watchbag | lipstick | earrings | shoes

down: nail polish | shoes | necklace | pants | bag | small ring | large ring


runway | cardigan

up: shoes | bag | dress | belt | tights | lipstick | earrings

down: bag | shoes | necklace | shirt | glassespants | nail polish


runway | sweatshirt

up: shoes | bag | skirt | tights | lipstick | earrings

down: bracelets | bangle | shoes | pants | bag | nail polish | hat


runway | sweater

up: bracelet | skirt | tights | shoes | bag | lipstick | earrings

down: bracelet | earrings | shoes | nail polish | bag | head wrap | pants


runway | sweatshirt

up: necklace | ring | blazer | pants | bracelet | bag | shoes | lipstick

down: bracelet | watch | shoes | bag | nail polish | head wrap | pants

So I hope this gave you a little inspiration to ditch the hoodies this season! After all, with oversized sweaters and embellished sweatshirts being major trends this year, looking cute and being cozy is easier than ever. And what about you? Obviously, sweatshirts are my weakness, but what is your "bad habit" that you go to more often that you should? Let out your confessions in the comment section!