Splurge vs. Save... Tres Chic Neutrals

Sometimes I worry that I'll never really grow up. I mean, ALL of my friends that I grew up with have babies, or (gasp!) even growing children. They spend their days molding the life of an actual human being, while I spent a decent amount of my day today wishing I had a cocktail-sized mood ring. And I'm not the only one picking up on this. People often mistake me for the "little sister" when I'm actually in the middle. And it's not because my sister looks older, it's because she seems older (aka more responsible). In fact, a kid at work last week even told me that I didn't "seem like a real adult." Touché, kid. You're not telling me anything I don't already know.

But maybe that's the plight of the creative individual. My brain seems to be flooded constantly with color stories, mood boards, and a need to express all feelings, and I conveniently have no room left to think about 401ks or the details of my dental plan.

But I figure if I can't quite achieve becoming a "real adult," at least I can try and dress like one, right? So this week I'm inspired by dressing in a quieter, more mature way. And I don't know about you, but I think feeling sophisticated is pretty easy when you're dressing up. The real problem is trying to look put together to run errands or do anything else that requires a certain level of comfort. That's why this edition of Splurge vs. Save is all about tres chic (and tres wearable) French-inspired separates for every day. Because sophisticated and easy is a difficult combination to achieve and nobody does this better than the French...


Splurge: lipstick | trench | tee | necklace | jeans | bag | shoes

Save: lipstick | trench | tee | necklace | jeans | bag | shoes

And who cares if I'm eating gummy frogs and watching Despicable Me for the 5th time anyway? C'est la vie. :)

What's something you still do that makes you feel like a kid?