Hey, Hey, It's the (Year of the) Monkeys!


runway images from Valentino pre-fall 2016


This past Monday marked the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year, making it officially the Year of the Monkey.


If your birth year coincides with the monkey, you are thought to be intelligent, clever, and one of the most innovative personalities within the Chinese zodiac. Those are traits of the monkey personality but, since it's the Year of the Monkey, they are also the overall theme of the year. According to tradition, that means 2016 will be an energetic and auspicious year full of reinvention for all of the zodiac signs.


To celebrate, I've rounded up some of my favorite designer items featuring this year's monkey motif.

sweater  |  tray  |  print  |  teapot  |  incense box  |  napkins  |  key chain  |  ring  |  bank  |  towel  |  earrings  |  pillow


Girrrrrrl, what's your Chinese zodiac sign?


New Word, New Outlook for 2016



I'm trying something a little radical (for me) in 2016. I'm going to try and plan less. I'm hoping this will catapult me into actually doing a whole lot more. That was the motivation behind my word of the year choice- NOW. I like that it's a call to action, an intention to work with a sense of urgency, so that I don't look back at this time next year and just think it all passed me by so fast.

I'm sure some fellow creatives/introverts/obsessive list-makers will relate to this, but in the three-part process that is idea-plan-implement, I'm often only achieving two out of these three things. I sometimes feel like I'm exploding with ideas and I have been my whole life.

It wasn't until the past five or so years that I started getting good at part two. The detailed planning and disciplined organizing/scheduling that I really struggled with in high school and college became a strength in my adult life. I began to love the excitement I got from planning out dreams and goals.

The problem is, I have SO many dreams and goals. They are big and they are constantly changing. I like this about myself, because it pushes me out of my comfort zone, so I'm never bored. But I also find that I'm held back by my lack of a specific direction and a need to overly plan. I know for a fact that if you look at my notebook from my first year blogging that I have some plans that now, two years later, are still stuck in my list of dreams. If I have a mental block in any part of the planning process or I don't have a perfectly clear vision of the final product, it can be really paralyzing.

So normally I would be telling you all about my goals for 2016, but this year I want to eliminate extraneous planning as much as possible. I am a long-time believer in making measurable goals and I will likely continue posting on this topic, for those that struggle with this step. I believe in measurable parameters if you are struggling with meeting goals or changing habits, as I have been in years past. But 2016 me has these planning/organizational methods down. 2016 me needs, more importantly, a good jolt out of her head and into action. (She should also stop calling herself "2016 me," but you know her...)

I hope that this year I can stop overthinking every detail of every thing. I hope I can start every project that has been swirling around in my head, even if they end up unfinished or total disasters. I hope that I quit wasting time being afraid of imperfection or worrying that I'm still not qualified enough to go for my biggest dreams. I hope to relax more, dream more, but mostly that I create more, as if it is as natural and important as breathing in air.

I hope that in 2017 I look back at this year as the one where I finally made it all happen. That the life-changing year is now.




Do you set an intentional word of the year? I'd love to hear all about your 2016 theme and goals in the comments!