FRIDAY VIBES // You're a Grand Old Flag


Happy Fourth of July Weekend! It's a big one for our family because both my dad and his dad were born on the 4th. It's pretty much as big as Christmas for us. I'm really looking forward to celebrating them, cooking out, and just having some relaxed family time. It will also be a big weekend for fashion, as stars & stripes are having an even bigger moment than usual as of late. I absolutely love this motif both for its graphic nature and glam rock vibes. It's classic but also feels a little bit rebellious, don't you think?

Friday-Vibes-America-Gas-Station-Glitter-Boots Friday-Vibes-America-Star-Sunglasses Friday-Vibes-America-Karolina-Kurkova-Amazing-Grace Friday-Vibes-America-Advanced-Style-Star-Earrings Friday-Vibes-America-Stars-and-Stripes-Streetstyle-Blouse Friday-Vibes-America-Sporty-Stars-Vogue-Brazil Friday-Vibes-America-Marc-Jacobs-Lingerie Friday-Vibes-America-Spur-Star-Makeup

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Will you be sporting stars and stripes this weekend?


Eye It/Buy It/DIY It: 90s Forever

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I have a confession: My name is Ashley and I am a die-hard, full-fledged 90s addict. I think the reemergence of 90s trends over the past few seasons has been totally awesome...errr, I mean it's been like, whatever, you know, cool...I guess, if you're, like, into that sort of thing. :)

Joking aside, looking at the Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collections, I'm thrilled to see that the trend is sticking around a while longer. Just check out the looks from the Fall runways shown above: A Courtney Love-approved grunge look at Saint Laurent, a punk version of the iconic Cher Horowitz jacket at Versace, and a Manson-worthy goth style at Chanel.


Eye It

The gritty 90s look is all about looking tough and edgy- think combat boots, military jackets, spikes- mixed with a little comfort- grandpa sweaters, leggings, flannels- and a touch of femininity- slip dresses, ditsy florals, lace tights. And the goal is to mix it all together in a way that looks like you didn't spend a lot of money and probably woke up in it after an all-nighter. Messy hair and makeup is a plus, if not a must.



Buy It

Get the Rayanne Graff look with my so-called 50 Under $50!


Americana motifs and military gear were huge in the 90s, and with the 4th of July just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time for this Patriotic DIY Crossbody Bag. With an Army Surplus Map Case Bag, which can be found for about $10-$15 at local stores or ordered here, and just a few artistic touches, you can easily create a personalized bag that will make your Independence Day a little bit grungier and a lot more awesome.



How you do it:

1. If you're using a standard Army Surplus map bag like mine, unfasten the strap from the body of the bag.

2. Unsnap the bag flap and lay it flat, facing up on a covered surface.

3. Lay down the star stencil on the upper portion of the flap, holdy it firmly in place, and lightly sponge on the white or cream fabric paint with the foam brush, leaving parts of the fabric exposed for an imperfect and worn feel. (The stars could also easily be drawn with chalk or pencil and sponged, but the stencils make it REALLY easy.)

4. Add stars spaced out somewhat evenly to the top portion of the bag flap (I made five), stopping before the stitching that seperates the bottom portion of the flap from the top.

5. Still using the white or cream paint, move down to the bottom part of the flap and create stripes. (Using 1" sponge brushes like I did makes this process very simple because you can just drag the brush evenly along and can use the stitched line as a guide. And they're really cheap!)

6. Using a light amount of blue paint, start dabbing the sponge brush onto the top portion, loosely tracing around stars. Again, this is meant to be somewhat sparse and imperfect, so don't worry about even lines or perfect coverage.

7. Repeat step 5, this time adding in the red stripes. (For mine, I wanted the red to be a bit muted and vintage looking, and since there isn't a huge variety of fabric paint colors, I added a bit of the cream color and just a dot of black to a basic red- "graying" the color to make it feel worn.

8. And since I seem to be obsessed with glue-on studs lately (and had a lot left from yesterday's DIY day), I added the optional step of gluing down a 2-stud-wide strip (trimmed with scissors) all the way down the strap.

9. Let the paint and glue dry for a few hours and then reconnect and wear!

I hope you liked this week's Eye It/Buy It/DIY It! Tell me what you think below and also if you have any trends/looks you'd like to see for a future edition of Eye It/Buy It/DIY It, speak your mind! I'd love to hear your ideas!