Friday Five: A 5-Minute DIY for Color-blocked Keys

After moving recently, I noticed our key rings are now stacked with a whole lot of plain metal keys. Not exactly a visual treat. So I decided to use tape and nail polish to give them a quick pop of color and help them stand out from one another.

To give your own keys a 5-minute upgrade all you need is Scotch tape and some nail polish!

First, tape off sections of your keys, leaving an exposed shape to be painted.


Give the exposed areas a couple of coats of nail polish. I used neon colors but I think black and white would also look really cool!

You can see here that some polishes will need more coats than others. The lime green, for instance, took several while the fuchsia had good coverage with just one coat.



Remove the tape before the paint is completely dry. This will prevent the tape from peeling part of the design off.


Voila! A little pop of DIY color always makes me happy.


Happy weekend!


Get the Look...A Tropical 50 Under $50

I love to look at runway trends from fashion week, and I could sit and look at the tropical prints from the 2014 Resort shows for hours, but when it comes down to it, designer clothing doesn't have a role in my life. So, I've compiled an overflow of tropical print pieces, so that, if you're like me and can't even imagine being able to afford the latest from Jason Wu, you can still keep up with the trends! Check out these 50 Under $50 perfect for a tropical summer getaway!  


And make sure to come back tomorrow for my weekly DIY with a tropical spin!




Trending in Beauty...Two-Toned Lips

As far as makeup looks go, I'll admit this one's out there. And while I can't see myself wearing two-toned lips very often, I also haven't been able to shake the feeling that I really want to wear two-toned lips ever since I saw this tutorial on So I needed to give it a try, and with the help of my li'l sis, who offered up her jealousy-inducing lips as my guinea pig, and a quick trip to the drugstore, here's what we came up with...  


So while I didn't get the exact look from the tutorial (I would have preferred a more matte look), I do have to say, I think the two-toned lips look awesome! There are generally two looks to achieve here: the first option, like the look above, uses the hard contrast of the two colors and requires some iron will in order to not rub the colors together until they are fully set, and the second option is to allow the colors to set a little and then purse your lips together, letting the colors blend some and leaving you with a great ombre look. And as much as I'm loving the reddish-orange and bright fuchsia above, my favorite thing about this makeup trend are the endless color combinations. Pink and purple, pink and red, red and purple...anything could work!

And if you prefer a more subtle look than this, don't write it off just yet. Simply working with different shades of the same color- light pink with bright pink, for example- can give you the same on-trend edge without leaving you feeling like a clown. And while I don't think anyone should be taking this look to the office anytime soon (unless you work in the coolest office on Earth, I guess), I think it would work great for a night out with the girls or on vacay with some of the tropical looks I'll be showing you tomorrow!

Thinking of trying out a two-toned color combo yourself? Post the pics on my StyleOnHigh facebook page and wear it loud and proud!