ON THE RADAR | July 2016

I'm sorry for the light posting schedule last week, but I've got a really good reason: WE ARE MOVING! You may remember when I worked wardrobe on the film Tiger this past winter in Cincinnati. Well, the work itself was a dream but the commuting and staying out of town was tricky, to say the least. Ever since we've been talking about moving from Columbus to Cincinnati for a while and we've decided to take the leap! Zach is smack dab in the middle of interviewing and making a career change so it's all really exciting... and stressful. We'll be moving to our hometown of Dayton for a few months while we solidify jobs and look for our new home. There are SO MANY things I'll miss about Columbus, but at the same time both of us our really excited to be back around family. Lots of positive change is brewing!


1  NEEDING  //  Area rugs.  New home equals new decor! I've been shopping for area rugs for a while now and am really loving the finds at Hesby. The colors and patterns are total knockouts and the prices are better than many other places I've been looking.

2  COVETING  //  These blue suede shoes.  The pale blue on these No.6 stacked heel loafers sets my heart aflutter. I think they're a perfect combination of pretty and practical, polished but fun. They're out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right? I'll be keeping an eye out for a pair that fits better in my budget.

3  PINNING  //  Colorful collections.  I'm often inspired by the color palettes of found objects, like this pretty spectrum of gummy bears. It can be anything really - pastel pieces of gum, brightly colored soaps, and on and on. My Color Wheel board on Pinterest holds all my favorite sources of color inspiration.

 4  WANTING  //  A pretty wax seal.  I love paper mail and, with blogging and design projects, the opportunity to send a thank you card comes up quite often. I'd love to up my stationery game with a classically cool, personalized wax seal. Backtozero on Etsy has some great affordable kits.

5  APPLAUDING  //  @alliepal's #the100dayproject.  Local creative boss lady, Allie, has challenged herself with the impressive task of creating a painting every day for 100 days. I'm a big fan of the series and her fresh color choices. They're really unlike anything else I've seen. You can check out her paintings for #the100dayproject on Instagram or sign up for news of when they become available for sale.

6  PLANNING  //  Our photo shoot for The Columbus Book Project.  I've been working on creating looks for an upcoming photo shoot as part of The Columbus Book Project, which will eventually become a Columbus-based coffee table book featuring high-fashion spreads to celebrate local creatives and landmarks. Our shoot is this week and I've been going crazy over the sneak peeks they've been leaking on Instagram. The photos are so impressive and I feel really honored to be a part of this project.

7  REMINISCING  //  With Marissa and Summer.  I've been re-watching seasons of The OC while I work and it's been hilarious and amazing. The main attraction has definitely been the early aughts fashion time warp of pretty much every ridiculous thing I wore in my teen years. Plus it poses the ancient philosophical question: who is the true sartorial queen of the OC, Marissa or Summer?

Are you Team Marissa or Team Summer?


Color Theory 101: Candy Crush

Summer always elicits my inner-most desires to wear neons but the thing is, I don't really look or feel my best in highlighter shades. Many of you probably do, and to that I say shine bright you little neon diamond. But for the rest of us there is an equally appealing option: candy colored brights. (Some call them sherbet shades and I am in support of this, as well.) Less vibrant brights, practically pastel neons, candy colors are a milkier version of neon hues and, in my opinion, can be a little more forgiving to the complexion. Not to mention they're just downright pretty!

Here is my candy-coated color wheel to give you an idea of how to sport these colors this season.


clockwise from top:

top | bag | pants | shoes | top | bag | pants | shoes | top | bag | pants | shoes

And maybe you're looking at this and thinking it's pretty but you're not too sure about how to wear candy colors without looking liking a child and/or a clown. Well, it's not everyday that my art degree can be put to use so I'm jumping at the chance to offer a little lesson in harmonious color mixing to help you experiment within the confines of the "color rules."

First up is the Complementary Color Scheme...


Complementary colors are those that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Complementary colors are in high contrast to each other and can create the illusion that the colors are even more vibrant. This is why orange (or bronze) makeup brings out blue eyes, etc.

This is a bold look and can be somewhat jarring. If the pink top/green bottom combo is too much for you, you can always take advantage of the striking combo in a smaller way, i.e. pink top with green necklace or pink top with green shoes, separated by a neutral or denim.


In case contrasting just isn't your thing at all, there's always the Analogous Color Scheme...


Analogous colors are the hues that are connecting neighbors on the color wheel. As opposed to complementary, analogous colors work with each other harmoniously to create a calm and pleasing visual for the eye. It's a relatively simple color scheme to work with, too- notice with the outfits below how the bag from either side of each analogous group would work equally well.

Easy can come across as visually simple, however, so the trick when working with analogous colors is to make sure there is enough contrast in tones so that it doesn't veer into boring territory.


There are many more color schemes worth exploring, but we'll save those for the next edition. :)

What's your favorite color combo?