Life Lately + A Creep-tastic October Playlist

Hi friends! We've got a lot to catch up on this month! I'm sharing a little of what I've been up to and if you get all the way to the bottom I've got some of my favorite spooky songs, perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit this weekend!

As always, feel free to share a few of your own answers to these prompts in the comments. I love to hear about your lives! :)

So here's a look at my world lately...


Dreaming about what creative projects to tackle next. October is always a crazy busy month for me and now that it's wrapping up, all the creative possibilities that come with having some free time are shining like bright beacons of hope. You all know I love a good project, prompt calendar, Instagram challenge, etc. Do you take part in any that you love? I'd love to hear what you brilliant people are up to these days! :)

Watching Halloween themed shows and movies! It's seriously my favorite time of year. Do you have an all-time favorite Halloween movie? Mine is definitely Hocus Pocus. In a dream world my sisters and I will one day be the Sanderson sisters for Halloween. Check out how awesome these girls were at Highball last weekend. I loved their commitment to character-appropriate facial expressions!

Reading Judd Apatow's Sick in the Head. Have you read it yet? You can check out my review of this and a few others in November's Book Report next week!

Feeling relieved and proud now that Highball is over. For those of you that aren't Columbus-based, Highball is this big Halloween event in our arts district. For part of the event, local designers compete in a Costume Couture competition where we all show a full collection of "ready-to-wear" looks (with a costume spin, of course) with the pièce de résistance being a larger-than-life costume that ties everything together. Our collection was bug inspired and the costume was an other-worldly tree goddess that featured a rainbow of bugs crawling up the trunk. We placed 3rd overall and I was very excited for Bryston Walters, a super talented local designer, for taking home the 1st place prize. He showed a Cleopatra-inspired collection that really wowed the audience.


(More collection looks, details, and behind-the-scene pics can be seen on Instagram.)

Eating at Acre! Columbus-area readers, if you haven't tried this place yet, go! It is ssooooo good! There are so many options for all dietary restrictions and everything just looks so bright, fresh, and wholesome. In my opinion, this is just how food should taste.


Working on sleeeep! Well catching up on it this week, I should say. Also catching up on housework and reorganizing all the things that got out of whack during my hectic month. My new favorite thing is listening to podcasts while cleaning. It really puts me in a zone and helps me forget that I don't like cleaning at all. :)

Wearing my new haircut! I went blonder and shorter than ever before and I'm loving it! To really get the look I'm going for I have to fake that I have much thicker and much darker eyebrows than I actually do. Cue my new favorite product, Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade. If you have any eyebrow qualms, this, my friends, is the answer.


Planning on spray painting our patio table and chairs this weekend. I was so in love with our ombre rainbow bugs from Highball that I'm considering doing a bold rainbow ombre on the furniture. I've been super inspired by this, this, and these on Pinterest. What do you think? Too crazy or just crazy enough?

Listening to this Creeps Only playlist I made on Spotify. It has my favorite spooky songs and some classic Halloween jams to get you in the bewitching spirit tomorrow!




What are you favorite songs to get you in the Halloween spirit?

And most importantly, what's going on in your life lately? Pick a prompt (or two or all of them) and fill me in on you!

Creep it real! ;)


Local Love... HighBall Halloween

It's been several days since my last post, but I have good reason. I was really busy this past weekend


For those of you who aren't from the Columbus area or aren't familiar with the event, HighBall is a 2-day extravaganza that supports the Short North Alliance which in turn supports property and business owners in our Short North Arts District.

The first night focuses on street costumes and musical performances. This year's theme was THE BIG 80s and there were some pretty spectacular costumes. Here are a few of my favorites from the HighBall Facebook page...

That Gameboy costume, through some form of costume wizardry, was actually fully functioning and people could even play Tetris on it. Incredible!

The night capped off with a performance by 80s star Taylor Dayne, who my roller skating childhood heart will always know as this...



The second night hosted the annual Costume Couture Fashion Show, featuring local fashion and costume designers, where yours truly, with the help of my co-designer, Shiree Houf, took 1st place!!

The idea is to present three "ready-to-wear" looks (amplified to fit the event obviously) followed by a main costume. Our collection was called Dolled Up and told the story of a pair of conjoined twins and their dolls/puppets.


Model Kristin Laymon as our Ragdoll. She did this little skip walk down the runway that was just adorable.



Angela Darr as our Windup Ballerina. She had a motorized spinning key and spun down the runway on point.



Wendy Jobes Hartman was our Harlequin doll. And I know I'm showing you a picture of her butt here, but this picture really shows you all of the details of the outfit. She was such a trooper- from wearing a black out screen over her eye for most of the day to having that hairpiece sewn into her head. She's a total pro!



And lastly, our costume piece, the conjoined twins featuring models Jessica Gould and Abby Bowman.



 And speaking of troopers, these girls not only had to be attached to each other for over two hours, but also literally carried this behemoth of costume on their shoulders. They were so great!!



If you look closely, the puppets are wearing the same outfits, hair, and makeup as their real-life model counterparts.



From the back. Walking slowly but surely.



And the end of a long and exciting day. From left to right: Model Jessica Gould, myself, Co-designer Shiree Houf, and Model Abby Bowman.


Honestly, I'm still in a little bit of shock that we won. I mean look at this amazing competition!...


 A big thanks to my design partner, Shiree Houf, for counteracting my tendency to over think everything, for sewing like the wind, and for being the mastermind behind the structure for that skirt. We made a great team! Thank you to Phia Salon and  Reverse Vanity Spa for rocking out the hair and makeup and always being so awesome to work with. And to Stephanie Stein, Betsy Pandora, the Short North Alliance, and everyone else involved for all of the hard work that goes into making an event like this a success. Thank you for letting us take part. It was an incredible experience!


10 DIY Fashion Icon Costumes

The official start of the Halloween takeover on the blog starts today! One of the many creative hats I wear is that of a costume designer, so naturally I LOVE Halloween! And from today on, most of the regular blog spots are officially costume-focused for the next few weeks. First up, I have to focus on my favorite topic with some DIY Fashion Icon Costumes. I love dressing as actual people for Halloween, especially stylish ones, because then your costume money actually goes towards amping up your wardrobe outside of the holiday. Here are some of my favorites with links to the pieces in case you want to recreate the looks yourselves.

1. Anna Wintour

The must have pieces here are Wintour's signature shades and bob hairstyle. Throw the latest Vogue into a sleek bag and work an icy cool demeanor to really nail it.


shoes  |  necklaces  |  brooch  |  sunglasses  |  bag  |  wig  |  dress


2. Karl Lagerfeld

This look, complete with the white ponytail, shades, and fingerless gloves is actually a perfect look for a woman. Just ask Barbie. Bonus points for carrying around your cat as fashion's top feline, Choupette.


jacket  |  shirt  |  boots  |  hair powder  |  necklace  |  jeans  |  sunglasses  |  belt  |  gloves


3. The Olsens

The trick to making this look work as a costume is the must-have Starbucks cup and some heavily contoured cheekbones. A look-alike BFF and a super-awkward Vine doesn't hurt either.


rings  |  shoes  |  bag  |  tumbler  |  dress  |  sunglasses  |  coat  |  nail polish  |  lipstick  |  wave spray


4. Cara Delevingne

Throw in every street-style trend you can and don't forget the trademark brows. This tutorial will help with that.


jacket  |  necklace  |  top  |  shoes  |  sunglasses  |  pants  |  brow pencil  |  lipstick  |  hat


5. Grace Coddington

No Coddington costume is complete without replicating the most recognizable hair in fashion. Assuming you don't sport a bright red triangle quaff, I suggest teasing out a curly wig and trimming where needed. And don't forget the makeup- concealed brows and red lipstick complete the look.


shoes  |  brooch  |  top  |  jacket  |  bag  |  pants  |  teaser  |  wig  |  lipstick


6. Twiggy

Work this year's mod trend with a flirty mini and white tights. Top it off with the signature Twiggy eye makeup and false lashes. This tutorial will help you make your eyes their doe-iest.


tights  |  earrings  |  bag  |  shoes  |  dress  |  liquid liner  |  cream liner  |  eyeshadow  |  lashes


 7. Jenna Lyons

To get this look, wear your sharpest, most tailored pieces. The slicked back hair, bright lip, and trademark glasses are must-haves and carrying a J. Crew shopping bag will help to drive the concept home.


shoes  |  glasses  |  coat  |  jacket  |  shirt  |  lipstick  |  necklace  |  pants


8. Betsey Johnson

The signature look of my favorite wacky designer makes for such a fun costume! And with her recent run on DWTS, it's the perfect year to show your love. The staples to any Betsey costume: a bright tutu, mix of prints (namely black and white stripes, floral, and leopard), and lots of layers. Blonde bangs and visible extensions (or a wig) will help create her wild do.


bag  |  bracelet  |  bangles  |  shoes  |  necklace  |  jacket  |  tee  |  leggings  |  tutus  |  bangs  |  extensions


9. Kate Moss

Nothing says 90s like the Kate Moss Calvin Klein ad. And if you really want to show off your abs, I think this is a super-clever way to do it. 1000 bonus points for sporting the Mark Wahlberg nail decals.


boots  |  bra  |  underwear  |  nail decals  |  perfume  |  jacket  |  beauty balm  |  jeans


10. Coco Chanel

Not only is Coco the ultimate style icon, but this costume can most likely be made with things you already have in your closet. Just don't forget the trademark cigarette holder, which you can even make yourself with a straw or coffee stirrer. Get the finger waves hairstyle with this tutorial.


sweater  |  cigarette holder  |  shoes  |  dress  |  necklace  |  earrings  |  bracelet  |  cuff  |  bag  |  hat


Would you wear any of these looks for Halloween? Who am I forgetting that should be on the list? Let's talk trick-or-treating in style in the comments!