FRIDAY VIBES // Viva Vivetta!


A lot of designers are talented and make beautiful clothes, but Vivì Ponti, the genius behind the label Vivetta, goes beyond that: she makes my soul sing! Her surrealistic clothing and accessories (those collars!) seem both classic, with their clear Schiaparelli-esque style notes, and entirely modern. I mean, have you really ever seen anything like these pieces? Vivetta is fresh, dreamy, and completely inspiring. I. AM. OBSESSED!

Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Swan-Dress Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Swan-Collar Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Silver-Shoes Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Rainbow-Faces Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Hands-Collar-Blouse-White Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Collars Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Swan-Shorts Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Face-Dress Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Face-Blouse-Embroidery Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Cat-Jumpsuit Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Face-Blouse-White Friday-Vibes-Vivetta-Collar-Tattoo-Hands

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Are you a Vivetta fan?


Weekly Roundup 21/52

Hey guys! It took me foreeeeever to get this week's links compiled because I was just loving everything on the internet! Bad news for me, I spent way too many hours of my life surfing the web. Good news for you, you are in for some tasty treats, my friends. Let's dig in!

1  While we're on the topic of tasty treats, how amazing do ice cream-filled doughnut holes sound?! I can't even eat them (I'm gluten-free) but still I've been thinking about them non-stop. Gluten-friendly pals, do me a favor: make and eat these in my honor and tell me all about it. (Tasty on BuzzFeed)  |  2  I really loved this post on Broad City's costume designer, Staci Greenbaum. I mean, obviously I love the show, but for those interested it also gives great insight into breaking into the costume biz. (Fashionista)


3  How gorgeous are these rainbow marbled wood slats?! I'm not even sure I knew something like these existed, but now that I've seen this mesmerizing behind-the-scenes post, my brain's pretty much exploded forever. (decor8)  |  4  I love these clever film-themed flat lay posters from Jordan Bolton Design as super-affordable (and super-cool) wall art. Other pieces include Moonrise Kingdon, The Royal Tenenbaums, Amelie, and more. (Etsy)


5  I love that all Adele has to do is sway a little while she sings and it's completely captivating (of course, wearing a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana gown and having the best face in town helps, too). Seriously though, isn't this video great?

And more...

Have you seen the #QueenofTumbling? Just...whoa.

This is super cute: adults explaining Tinder to kids.

How to write a wedding speech in 10 minutes or less.

Loving this moth pin and this metallic trench.

NEED these shoes.

And I never thought I would want a post-dorm-room mini fridge, but this one is seriously cool.

For bloggers, a list of game-changing blog and biz tools and ideas for beating burnout.

Stella & Dot is having a crazy good sale this week and they're offering Dot Dollars! I've got a trunk show open if you want to shop my link. My favorite sale pieces are these earrings and this necklace. What are yours?


What links are you loving this week?


Work and Life Goals for November + A Little Blog Update

That's a close up pic of the tree costume that my co-designer, Shiree Houf, and I designed for Highball Halloween (photo by T. A. Mueller Photography) . We were actually so busy working on this in October that I never set any official goals for the month other than "finish Highball collection" and "shower as much as possible." This season gets so intense for me that I actually didn't even really accomplish any of my September goals except the silliest: Learn a rap song on piano. (Enjoy friends...)      

Not the best performance of my life but a cool party trick, nonetheless. :)

September goals aside, I did make headway in a few other areas in the past two months. Notice my new pic in the sidebar, taken by the wonderful Alexa of Alexa Marie Photography. If you click through I also have a new About page and another profile pic featured there.

Alexa was great to work with because I am quite possibly the least photogenic person on Earth. And I'm not just being hard on myself, I simply have never been able to do it well. At all. I've got the half-smirk selfie thing down, but let me tell you, it takes some real camera magic to get a professional, smiling picture of this face. And one that I actually like to boot. That's a real feat. So I really just have to give a big thanks to Alexa for her camera wizardry. And if you happen to be in the market for a photo session, I strongly suggest booking with her! You can check out her website or facebook page for more info.

And now onto this month's goals! Because I've been coasting a little on the organized goal front, some of these are going to look pretty familiar. I've got a few new goals and few I STILL haven't conquered (but will never give up on!). Here are the things taking priority for me this month...



A few of these things are long-standing goals of mine so I'm really trying to light a fire inside of myself to finally get them done!

Do you have any long-standing goals that you struggle with?

What things are you working on this month?

Let's talk goal-conquering in the comments! :)


Life Lately + A Creep-tastic October Playlist

Hi friends! We've got a lot to catch up on this month! I'm sharing a little of what I've been up to and if you get all the way to the bottom I've got some of my favorite spooky songs, perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit this weekend!

As always, feel free to share a few of your own answers to these prompts in the comments. I love to hear about your lives! :)

So here's a look at my world lately...


Dreaming about what creative projects to tackle next. October is always a crazy busy month for me and now that it's wrapping up, all the creative possibilities that come with having some free time are shining like bright beacons of hope. You all know I love a good project, prompt calendar, Instagram challenge, etc. Do you take part in any that you love? I'd love to hear what you brilliant people are up to these days! :)

Watching Halloween themed shows and movies! It's seriously my favorite time of year. Do you have an all-time favorite Halloween movie? Mine is definitely Hocus Pocus. In a dream world my sisters and I will one day be the Sanderson sisters for Halloween. Check out how awesome these girls were at Highball last weekend. I loved their commitment to character-appropriate facial expressions!

Reading Judd Apatow's Sick in the Head. Have you read it yet? You can check out my review of this and a few others in November's Book Report next week!

Feeling relieved and proud now that Highball is over. For those of you that aren't Columbus-based, Highball is this big Halloween event in our arts district. For part of the event, local designers compete in a Costume Couture competition where we all show a full collection of "ready-to-wear" looks (with a costume spin, of course) with the pièce de résistance being a larger-than-life costume that ties everything together. Our collection was bug inspired and the costume was an other-worldly tree goddess that featured a rainbow of bugs crawling up the trunk. We placed 3rd overall and I was very excited for Bryston Walters, a super talented local designer, for taking home the 1st place prize. He showed a Cleopatra-inspired collection that really wowed the audience.


(More collection looks, details, and behind-the-scene pics can be seen on Instagram.)

Eating at Acre! Columbus-area readers, if you haven't tried this place yet, go! It is ssooooo good! There are so many options for all dietary restrictions and everything just looks so bright, fresh, and wholesome. In my opinion, this is just how food should taste.


Working on sleeeep! Well catching up on it this week, I should say. Also catching up on housework and reorganizing all the things that got out of whack during my hectic month. My new favorite thing is listening to podcasts while cleaning. It really puts me in a zone and helps me forget that I don't like cleaning at all. :)

Wearing my new haircut! I went blonder and shorter than ever before and I'm loving it! To really get the look I'm going for I have to fake that I have much thicker and much darker eyebrows than I actually do. Cue my new favorite product, Anastasia's Dipbrow Pomade. If you have any eyebrow qualms, this, my friends, is the answer.


Planning on spray painting our patio table and chairs this weekend. I was so in love with our ombre rainbow bugs from Highball that I'm considering doing a bold rainbow ombre on the furniture. I've been super inspired by this, this, and these on Pinterest. What do you think? Too crazy or just crazy enough?

Listening to this Creeps Only playlist I made on Spotify. It has my favorite spooky songs and some classic Halloween jams to get you in the bewitching spirit tomorrow!




What are you favorite songs to get you in the Halloween spirit?

And most importantly, what's going on in your life lately? Pick a prompt (or two or all of them) and fill me in on you!

Creep it real! ;)