Splurge vs. Steal: Chic Ways to Bundle Up

I was hit with a harsh realization the other day. While spelunking into my tiny car through the passenger side in order to force my frozen driver side door open, I had to face the facts. My beloved fall is officially over. And now that we're smack dab in the middle of icy cold climates (at least here in Ohio), we have two choices: we can hibernate or we can bundle up and soldier on. While I am a generally a big fan of the former, most days we don't have a choice. But luckily this season has some of the most exciting cold weather options I've seen in a long time. My favorite of all is the muppet coat, deemed the "it girl" coat of the season. And the good news is you don't need an it girl budget to pick one up!

Here are some of my favorite cold weather trends this season- can you tell which pieces are designer and which ones are their thrifty counterparts?



gloves  a  &  b  |  coat  a  &  b  |  scarf  a  &  b  |  hat  a  &  b  |  boots  a  &  b


How'd you do?! Let's talk scores in the comments!



September Wishlist: Cozying Up to Fall

Sorry for a general lack of posting lately. I have been so sick for almost two weeks and all I want to do all day is sleep. I always get hay fever/allergies this time of year, but man, this fall is really beating me up. But even though it is literally making me sick, it's still my favorite season because I love the fact that the weather seems to be coaxing my exhausted self to cuddle up in some cozy socks and a soft throw aka my happy place. In fact, this month's wishlist is coming to you straight from my big arm chair with an Autumn Spice candle lit and the remote nearby. Oh the cozy goodness that is fall...


sweater  |  shirt  |  hat  |  throw  |  candle  |  matches  |  scarf  |  boots  |  bag  |  pants


What are your cozy day essentials?