FRIDAY VIBES // Crafted Denim


Major nostalgic trend alert! Embroidery, appliques, flare pins, patches, even paint- basically anything from your craft closet is taking over the denim world right now. I love this look, not only because it reminds me of my childhood, but also because it offers so many incredible options for adding a boost of personality to an old jean jacket on the cheap. I'm overflowing with DIY inspiration right now!

Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Bliss-and-MischiefFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Patches-Jeans Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Grlfrnd-JacketFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-DenimFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Patches-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Flares-in-FieldFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Marc-Jacobs-JacketFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Gucci-BirdsFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Buttons-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Painted-JeansFriday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Magic-Eye-Jacket Friday-Vibes-Crafted-Denim-Grlfrnd-Jeans

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What do you think about crafted denim?



IN THE MOOD FOR // Western Wear


Fashion is home on the range as of late, with embroidered denim, flowing fringe, and even flashy belt buckles popping up everywhere. It makes sense with the overflow of 70s trends, since so many of these two styles overlap or mix together seamlessly. Think a fringe jacket over a 70s tie neck blouse. A western denim shirt tucked into a pair of flares. A pair of cowgirl mules with a romantic flowing maxi dress. A bolo necklace paired with a low-neck jumpsuit. You get the idea. If it's 70s, if it's western, it's on the radar.

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Will you wear the western trend this season?


Fashion & Friendship Day!

Yesterday marked the beginning of something beautiful- the celebration of the first ever Fashion & Friendship Day with some of my favorite ladies! The idea is that everyone brings something that they don't wear anymore- either it's outdated, it doesn't fit right, or it just needs a little makeover- and then it's given a DIY update using ideas from some of our favorite bloggers. Check out the girls' projects below along with the links to the original posts and, hopefully, get some ideas and inspiration to host your own Fashion & Friendship Day!

First up, we added a colorblock twist from P.S.- I Made This... and removed the sleeves to create an updated tie-waist top.



Next, we reworked a basic black mini with this mesh update from a pair & a spare to give it a modern edge.


And the perfect summer update for an old pair of jeans- dyed and studded cut-offs from les rebelles doux.



And last, a great use for old shirts that you don't wear anymore but still like the print is this Twisted Turban Headband DIY from Honeybee Vintage.


(This last picture is really beautiful, right? I wish I could take credit for those skills, but the upgraded photography for this post is all thanks to Alexa of Alexa Marie Photography.)

So there you have it! A day full of relaxing and crafting with friends that ended up in some awesome new wardrobe items! And I'd like to give a huge thanks to the girls- Kelly, Heather, Alexa, and Brooke- for being wonderful models and great friends! And if you're wondering where my project is...well, I was very busy DIY'ing with others yesterday, but you will see a new project from me later today with my regular Eye It/Buy It/DIY It (That's right! Two posts in one day!). This week's theme is my all-time favorite- 90s Forever! So get ready for some grunge awesomeness headed your way!