5 Ways to DIY It... Designer-Inspired Craft Ideas to Upgrade Your Chain Necklace

5 Ways to DIY It is a new series for the blog where I'm going to share some simple craft ideas inspired by designer pieces. This isn't the space for complex projects, but rather for all of the ideas I've had that don't really warrant their own DIY page and instructions, because they're already pretty self-explanatory. My hopes are to simply give you easy ideas using items you probably already have (or can buy cheaply), that in just a few simple steps can be made into a major statement pieces. I'm kicking off the series with one of my all-time favorite accessories- a chunky gold chain! For crafting, I usually opt for parts that are as inexpensive as possible. I find the thrift store to be a great resource (garage sales, stores like Forever 21, and your own jewelry box are other great options).

So let's get into it and turn that basic chain into DIY treasure!...


I love the impact that just a few tassels make on a simple chain. To attach, just use pliers to open and close the jump rings. (Bonus points for "spot painting" the tassels with gold paint or bleaching to create the extra color.)


For this look, you can either find braided trim or make your own chunky braid with embroidery floss or even raffia. Attach with a simple stitch. (If you're clueless when it comes to sewing, fear not! It's really simple and you can find a basic how-to here.)


Adding a block of color lends a sleek update to a classic chain. To do, simply mask of the area you don't want to be painted with painters tape, then spray remaining area. Let dry completely before removing tape.


You can basically use any sparkly extras to add some glam to your chain. The ones above are just really inexpensive earrings that you can easily remove the posts from using wire cutters.


Super glue the longest, most luxurious fringe trim you can find onto your chain to turn a simple piece into a major statement.

Have you ever made a DIY chain necklace? Or would you try one of the ideas above? Tell me all about it in the comments section!




Eye It/Buy It/DIY It: Great Gatsby Edition

The 20s are "Roarin'" louder than ever right now with the upcoming release of Baz Luhrman's "The Great Gatsby" and this fan couldn't be more excited! This week's Eye It/Buy It/DIY It shows you exactly how to incorporate the flapper look into your life without breaking the bank.  

Eye It

What you need to get the Gatsby look: Embellished headbands and turbans, drop-waist dresses, long strand necklaces, art deco shapes and prints, mary janes, and all things velvet and fringe.


Buy It

Not a crafter? Shop these Gatsby-inspired pieces: 50 for under $50!


Crafty gal like me? Try this SUPER easy (less than $10 and under 3 minutes) DIY tassel necklace to add a little jazz to your wardrobe! DIYIt_Gatsby What you do explained: 1. Wrap the tassel where it is gathered with the craft wire, using the pliers to shape. When you like the way it looks, trim and tuck the ends. Make sure each end is securely tucked- the wire should hold itself in place. 2. Trim the loop off of the tassel with scissors. Spread the large jump ring with pliers and insert one end through the top of the tassel near the wrapped part and rotate until the end comes out the other side. With ends outside of the tassel, close the ring with the pliers and rotate the closed ring back into the tassel so that the opening is hidden. 3. Using the pliers, open two small jump rings. Add one to the large jump ring on the tassel and the other to one end of the necklace. Close rings with the pliers. 4. Thread the open ("un-ringed") end of necklace through the small jump ring on the tassel. 5. Open third small jump ring and use to attach the lobster clasp on the open end, closing and securing with the pliers. 6. Toss on your new necklace and get flappin'!