FRIDAY VIBES // Earth Candy


I've always had a thing for gemstones. My older sister had a collection when we were growing up which I obviously thought was the coolest thing ever. We used to go to this store in the mall, and I have no recollection of any details about this store, except that they had little gemstone grab bags for a couple dollars. Every mall trip we would each get one and it was so cool because it was like playing the childhood lottery. You could end up with our most coveted, an amethyst geode, or the baby's breath filler of the gem world, a stinking piece of petrified wood (which, to be fair, I still kind of loved). Anyway, with today being Earth Day and all, I thought it was the perfect occasion to celebrate the fact the our planet is so cool that it actually makes its own jewelry. Earth, you are truly a gem. :)

Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Flourite Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Pink-Pearls Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Candy-Gems Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Rainbow-Gem-Wall Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Blue-Druzy Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Opal-Geode Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Rainbow-Crystal-Grid Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Green Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Raw-Diamonds Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-Scolecite Friday-Vibes-Earth-Day-Gems-White-Crystal-Grid

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Do you have a favorite gemstone?


5 Ways to DIY It... Embellished Denim

I got a really great response to the last installment of 5 Ways to DIY It and was so excited to give it a second go! And what's a girl to wear when the weather is still hot but you're itching for fall fashion? The one all-season standard, of course- jeans!

If you saw my Top 10 on Tuesday, you know I've been pretty excited about the Old Navy denim sale, so here I've got 5 different and super-easy ways to take advantage of those awesome prices and upgrade your basic denim into designer-inspired statement jeans.

Let your legs do the talking for a fraction of the price! ;)

Give them a little sparkle with some glue-on rhinestones...



jeans  |  glue  |  gems


...or some shine with metallic fabric paint.



jeans  |  paint  |  brush


For a modern minimalist take, just add some faux-leather panels with glue (or thread)...



jeans  |  glue  |  leather


...or use the same process on some nostalgic patches for both some edge and charm.



jeans  |  glue  |  patches


Or take the basic up a notch with a bright white tuxedo stripe. Just tape off and spray!



jeans  |  paint  |  tape

What do you think? Would you ever DIY your denim?