Friday Vibes // Going for the Gold


The Academy Awards are this Sunday and now that Leonardo DiCaprio might finally win an Oscar, my tweenage heart has never been more invested. Seriously, you guys, I spent about 90% of my 7th grade year collecting and covering my walls in Leo posters. I just loved him. So this vibes post is dripping with gold in hopes that he finally takes home the statue.

Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Slime Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Ear-Lobe Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Thumb Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Phone-Book Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Lipstick Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Chair Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Tongue Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Trash-Bag Friday-Vibes-Going-for-the-Gold-Bloomers

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Sidebar: I've been listening to this Best Original Songs playlist while writing this post and some of it has been hilariously perfect. Think Take My Breath Away, Up Where We Belong, and (my favorite) Man or Muppet.

Now I'm dying to know- who was your Tiger Beat heartthrob?


Eye It/Buy It/DIY It: Heavy Metal

Whether it's a space age silver mini skirt or punked-out gold-chained leggings, there's no doubt about it, metal rocks! Working the metallic trend will add a touch of glam and a touch of edge to any look.

Eye It


Metallics already make a statement on their own, so my favorite way to incorporate this trend is to stick with natural metal colors: gold, silver, copper, bronze, platinum, and pewter. Mixing these tones with neutrals like black, white, gray, tan, or even denim, keeps the look sophisticated.

Buy It

You don't need a platinum card to wear metallics. All 50 of these pieces come in under $50!


Got an old cell phone case you're not in love with anymore? Bump it up a notch with this heavy metal DIY makeover!


How you do it:

1. Cut the studs strip into the desired size and shape.

2. Lay your case on a protected surface.

3. Using the sponge brush, "paint" the case with the gesso, with acts as a primer and allows the spray paint to stick to the plastic better.

4. After the gesso has dried (at least 15 minutes), spray paint the case, making sure to cover the sides/edges evenly.

5. Let this dry for about 30 minutes and then repeat for a second coat.

6. After second coat has dried, spray the gloss coat and let dry.

7. Glue on studs with super glue and let dry.

I hope you have fun rocking your new metallic look! And come back next week for another Eye It/Buy It/DIY It!


Get the Look: Floral & Fatigues

There's nothing better than the perfect mix of contradictions in an outfit- a little girly and a little tough, a touch of fancy and a bit low-key. This head-to-toe look offers the perfect balance by pairing a comfy tee and military jacket with the unexpected glitz of floral-printed pants and neon party girl accessories. Check out the high-fashion look on the left compared with the thrifty-gal version on the right. This is something anyone can pull off no matter what your budget! H2T_Florals&Fatigues

Luxe Earrings: 2BxRT Moonstone & Spike Earrings, $145,; Shirt: LOT78 Printed Modal T-Shirt, $155,; Jacket: Barneys New York Co-Op Vintage Button Front Army Jacket, $289,; Handbag: Kate Spade New York Bow Terrace Justine, $328,; Pants: Matthew Williamson Floral-Print Silk Pants, $875,; Shoes: Elizabeth & James Toni, $298,

Less Earrings: H&M, $2.95,; Shirt: Women's Two-Tone Graphic Tees, $16.94,; Jacket: Military-Inspired Utility Jacket, $39.80,; Handbag: Bolt Studded Envelope Clutch, $24.80,; Pants: Oasis Exclusive Botanical Floral Print Trouser, $76.36,; Shoes: Realove, $79.95,