Friday Vibes // Taste the Rainbow


As I was writing this post on my favorite collections from the Milan shows, I realized that I had unintentionally described the colors at Fendi as "eggplant, mustard, and melon," in what might possibly be a record number of food words used in one sentence about clothing. Either I was starving or the produce aisle is really having it's moment on the runway.

Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Cantaloupe Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Citrus Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Turnip Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Eggplant Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Berry-Smoothie Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Grapefruit Friday-Vibes-Pop-Food-Colors-Avacado

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What colors are you hungry for this season?