Weekly Roundup 25/52

I feel like I've been trying so hard to catch up on my normal life after last week's fashion show that I've been doing tasks at a marathon pace lately. It's like a constant cycle of reading back emails, doing dishes, responding to so-and-so, writing, more emails, laundry, getting to back to whoever, editing. Lather, rinse, repeat over and over. I do finally feel like I'm getting caught up, but man, I am ready for a break! You, too? Great! Let's procrastinate on life's busy work for a while and get to the good stuff. Here are a few of my favorite links from around the interweb this week.


1  I found this elopement (complete with a Katz's Deli reception for two) to be so endearing. Plus it's one of the few wedding posts where I can actually see myself doing something similar. Hmmm... (Apartment Therapy)  |  2  Have you heard of "off register" tattoos? I loved these by artist Mattia Mambo because they're like nothing I've ever seen before. (Brown Paper Bag)


3  I found this Alice in Wonderland themed editorial so beautiful and so inspiring. Nothing beats fashion with a touch of whimsy. (Shine by Three)  |  4  So I have this weird aversion to holiday decorations. I don't know, I just never really want to do it. But this DIY American Flag weaving seems so chic and unexpected that I'm actually dying to try it. Maybe this will turn over a whole new festive leaf for me. (The House that Lars Built)


5  Ahhh, I just love these floating cloud hearts. I want to touch them and feel what they're made out of so badly! (Khmer Cloud Printer)


And a few more...


There were so many great DIY projects this week! I LOVED these Juju hats...

...had no clue you could hammer your own floral fabric...

...and thought this chair upgrade was brilliant.

Slumber sloths?! These are so adorable.

In drool-worthy food news: these chocolate cake gems and these roasted peach pops.

I want this for my "studio" room.

Heart eyes emoji for this bed.

And the look of the week: a maxi dress/moto jacket combo that couldn't be cooler from Fashionably Kay.


In case you missed these from FWS...

Trying to just keep swimming.

And be a better friend by acknowledging the reality of people's feelings.

I shared the looks from our HOWL collection for Alternative Fashion Week.

And posted my ultimate "get creative" playlist.


What links were you loving this week?