Weekly Roundup 28/52


Holy canoli, it's been hot this week! Maybe some of you weirdos out there are spending your time "outdoors" embracing the "sunshine," but this weirdo thinks that stuff's for the birds. Literally. The only humans that have any business in 90+ degrees are of the Lachey variety (never forget). No, I think it's a much better idea if we all just curl up in the AC instead. Stay cool, just like these links. ;)

1  If there's one thing I love, it's Couture Week. If there's two things I love, it's a Man Repeller recap of said week. Yasss, queen! (Man Repeller)  |  2  I thought this look into actor Gbenga Akinnagbe's home was breath-taking. It's both calm and striking and just all-around gorgeous. (Design Sponge)


3  I can't resist a good behind-the-scenes, so this peek into the process of making hand-sewn espadrilles really hit the spot. (A Pair & a Spare)  |  4  I was so glad to discover the colorful work of artist Karen Barbour this week. I'm fascinated at how her style seems almost child-like on the surface but is, in fact, masterfully detailed and layered. I'm a fan! (I Love Illustration)


5  Whoa! This look into how Iris Van Herpen's alien dresses are made is SO COOL! Don't you just want to touch everything in this video?! (Visionaire)


Plus a few for the road...

This $900 banana is ridiculous, yes, but it's ridiculously awesome.

These are the shoes that dreams are made of.

How cute are these painted thrift store suitcases?

A crazy impressive bathroom makeover.

And who knew that so much pink in one house could be so cool?

I'm fascinated with bullet journals but have yet to actually "bite the bullet" (sorry). Do you use one?

Some exciting Misty Copeland news plus her gorgeous interview for Cosmo.

And my favorite site of the week: I Heart Vegetables! I love Liz's fun and simple approach to health and have been pretty much drooling over this recipe for pineapple chia ice pops all week.


What links are you loving?


FRIDAY VIBES // Paint it Black


Call it a moody May, but I've been really inspired by dramatic inky black interiors lately. I love how a coat of black paint can make something worn look chic, hide imperfections, and really make the interesting lines in a vintage or sculptural piece sing. Whether fully committing to a room with black walls or just adding a graphic impact in a mostly white room, one thing's for sure, black is always a good choice.

Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Wall Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Bathroom Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Bedroom Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Dresser Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Bathroom-Wall Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Piano Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-Stairs Friday-Vibes-Paint-It-Black-House

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

Would you paint a room black?


Dress Your Nest | Pantone Colors of 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity

A fashion-meets-interiors celebration of Pantone's colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. The more I take a look at these two hues, the more I'm loving them. To me, they are a perfect blend of uplifting, energizing freshness and peaceful calm. It's basically yoga for your eyeballs.  


rug  |  coat  |  lamp  |  sunglasses  |  bracelet  |  coasters  |  bag  |  toaster  |  pillow  |  skirt  |  shoes  |  chair



Are you loving these colors yet? Would you incorporate them into your home or wardrobe?


Come back tomorrow for a quick and easy Rose Quartz and Serenity gradient mani!



Weekend Reading Vol. 21

Happy Saturday, pals! Are you ready for some great links this week? Let's dig in!

  1  I loved this blogger room makeover, part of the One Room Challenge. The color scheme is just absolute perfection. (Hunted Interior)  |  2  I've been really loving mudcloth lately, and this DIY, using a bleach pen and a $3 thrifted chair, is pretty brilliant. Bookmarking now. (I Spy DIY)


3  Funfetti Pumpkin Pie?! Uhhhh.... yes, please. (Studio DIY)  |  4  This dollhouse is so crazily detailed and stylish. It's pretty amazing. (Front + Main)


5  I've watched this a few times this week, and it stays hilarious. My favorite is the elevator.


And don't miss these gems...

I really love the Monster Project. Kids are the coolest.

So much great decor inspo.

Can you imagine this reception?

Dining room table goals.

25 ways to have the best day ever.

I thought this was really sweet. Parents take note.

Love this new series from local blogger, Natalie.

The coziest wallpaper downloads.

Such a pretty beauty look.

I hope this girl and this guy are friends irl because they just look too cool not to be.


What links are you loving this week?


Weekend Reading Vol. 8

Okay, so the weekend's technically over and I'm totally late on this post. But my fiance's family was visiting and I chose life over blogging. It's the summer- sue me. Well, please don't, but do check out these links (they're pretty cool)...

1  I've been completely obsessing over interior design lately. I was so excited by this thrifty glam home because the style is not only gorgeous and unexpected, but also seems very livable and achievable. (Design Sponge)  |  2  And there are so many knockout moments in this fashion-forward home, from the inspired punches of color to the many grand-scale statement pieces. (Rue Mag)


3  Bodacious babes rejoice! In case you haven't heard, Reformation has a line specifically for those whose cups runneth over- C to DD, to be exact. (Reformation)  |  4  I'm crazy about summer scarves done "the Zara way." Check out this cute post for some great skinny scarf styling tips. (Who What Wear)


5  This guy is funny. :)


Plus, all of these gems...

A big thanks to Cbus Chic and Dionna Carter for including me in this feature about blogging.

That digital clock screen saver that is in every Pinterest office image ever? It can totally be yours.

Tie dye soap!

Some awesome UO sale finds.

Dying to read this.

A little functional bathroom art.

First do the verb- love, love, love!


What links topped your list this week?


DIY Glam Rock Bookends


I usually try to come up with my own original ideas for the DIY projects you see here on StyleOnHigh, but I just couldn't resist duplicating these gold bookends I saw a while back on designlovefest. If you stick with me and this blog, you will come to find that I am a little obsessed with gold. If I have to pick one (and I have definitely put way too much thought into this over the years), I would even say that it is, in fact, my favorite color. I think it looks great with every single hue, pattern, style, you name it. And the extra dose of glitz is always a good thing, in my opinion. So I obviously loved these gold bookends when I saw them, but, like so many pinned projects, they got pushed aside. Fast forward to the present, where it's Glam Rock week here on the blog, and I thought- could there ever be a more perfect time to recreate this project? I mean, they are, literally, glam rocks, and they'll add a perfect touch of 70s opulence to any space. I think Bowie would approve.


How you do it:

1. Spray the entire surface of the rocks with the gold spray paint. Let dry completely.

2. Sponge your paint color onto the bottom of the rocks about halfway up, gradually using a lighter touch to achieve an ombre look. Let dry.

3. Place stick-on rubber or felt pads onto the bottom so that any surfaces the rocks will go on will be protected.

Some tips about this project: I went to three different hardware/landscaping stores and was surprised that I could not find any rocks the right size or shape for this project. I finally found them at a pet store, so I would recommend starting there. You also could always find your rocks in nature, but like my favorite e-card says...

... so I opted for the shopping route. Also, you want to make sure you find rocks that have flat enough sides so they can stand up against your books. This project also works great with smaller rocks, using them as paper weights.

I hope you give this one a shot- it's super easy, inexpensive, and makes a big impact on a shelf!


DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor


This DIY project is coming a little later than usual this week, but the good news is that this might be the cheapest project I've ever done! Turning an embroidery hoop into cute wall art is an idea that I've seen floating around Pinterest and have been wanting to try my own for a while now. Well, what better opportunity is there than during the week that I have devoted entirely to hand-crafted fashion? I love the look of cross-stitch and the humorous idea that it is now a very modern fashion craze. With this project, I tried to create the idea of cross-stitching and embroidery, without actually having to do any complicated needlework (ain't nobody got time for that :)).

So back to the cheap factor: embroidery hoops cost about $1-$2, depending on the size. A sheet of felt is about 35 cents and embroidery thread is about $1. So if you are a regular crafter at all, meaning you already have things like a needle and Mod Podge, this can potentially be done for $3!



How you do it:

1. Cover the larger outer hoop with a long, thin strip of fabric equal to the length of the hoop and about twice its width, and then coat with Mod Podge. To do this, you just need to lie the fabric, centered, over the length of the hoop and then paint the Mod Podge directly onto the fabric with a paint brush or sponge. I coated the outer circle first and then tucked the leftover fabric to the inside and coated that until it laid flat on the hoop. I used the gloss finish and it left a smooth, plastic-like texture that looks really cool. Let dry for at least an hour. (This step is optional, obviously, but the effect is definitely worth the extra effort.)

2. Once the outer hoop is dry, lay it face down on a flat surface. Place the fabric, also face down, over the outer hoop. Pulling the fabric tight, place the smaller hoop inside creating a frame for your fabric. Tighten with the screw at the top of the outer hoop until it is very secure.

3. Trim the excess fabric very close to the hoop edge. This part will be up against the wall, so just make sure it isn't visible and don't worry about the neatness of the cutting.

4. Now as for the design, there are endless options of how to do this. I printed out the letters I wanted to use on Microsoft Word, cut them out and then used the cutouts as a stencil to trace and cut the felt. Other (easier) options would be to buy a stencil or use pre-cut felt sticker letters.

5. The decorating part also has many options. I used a spray adhesive to affix the felt letters where I wanted them. I basically did this because I already had these supplies on hand, but if you are purchasing the supplies, I would recommend getting the peel-and-stick sheets of felt (if not the pre-cut stickers) to save yourself a step or two. Once the letters are placed, you can add decorative stitching around the edges for a crafty touch. A straight stitch works fine here, but since the felt is already adhered, there is a lot of freedom because all of the stitching is purely for embellishment purposes, so go with any stitch or method you like best.

6. Hang on the wall and enjoy! Or better yet, make a whole group of embroidered hoops for a wall collage!

So that's my version of the project- but the creative options for an embroidery hoop are limitless, so I hope you feel inspired to make whatever changes you can dream up. If this seems like too much of a craft undertaking for you, hoops also look great in groups with different fabrics- no need to embellish! I love the idea of trying this with all black and white fabrics for a modern take. And if you don't want to cover the hoop with fabric, they look great bare or can easily be spray painted. I like bold colors for a fun twist or black for a sleek look. How would you make your hoops? Let your creative voice be heard in the comments section!


DIY Graffiti Throw Pillow

  Since my fiancé and I started cohabitating about a year ago, I can tell you the merging of styles has not been an entirely seamless process. For the first few months you're all blissed out in love and you don't really mind that you now fix your hair in a "decorative" Samuel Adams mirror. Until one day, when you look over at your guy taking a nap on the couch, resting his head on a sequin-embellished silk pillow, covered up in a pink faux-fur throw blanket, and think...maybe we can merge a little better. And so, with the idea of "man"-ifying my decorative accents in the back of my head, I was so excited to see this print from Proenza Schouler's pre-fall collection, also the inspiration for my latest DIY project.

photo credit: style.com

The graphic print is both masculine and fashionable- a perfect combo when decorating for two. Whether you're home is 50% testosterone or not, a black and white graphic motif is an easy, timeless way to add some edge to your décor. And the best part is that it can really be treated like a neutral, mixing well with so many different colors, patterns, and styles. Check out the instructions for my simple no sew DIY Graffiti Throw Pillow to make one for your own home. (Note: I made this pillow with a split back, so the insert can be removed, but if you would prefer a simpler project, you could make two of the large square pieces and follow most of the instructions exactly the same, generally photos 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8.)

Urban_DIY_PillowSteps Explained:

1. Paint all pieces of your fabric. I used a paintbrush, but a foam brush would also work well. I painted letters and brush strokes on the front and used x's and o's on the back, but so many different patterns would work well, including some messy stripes if you aren't super confident in your painting skills.

2. After the paint dries (30-60 minutes), on the wrong side of the fabric, measure and mark an inch in from the interior lengths of the back flaps (the small rectangles), fold along that measurement and glue into place, creating hemmed edge for the split in the back of the pillow.

3. Because I used a "leather" fabric, after gluing, I covered the folded areas with clothespins to help hold the fabric together while the glue dried.

4. When the glue has dried (30-60 minutes), remove the pins and begin to assemble the layers. Lay the large front square with the right (painted) side of the fabric facing up and the smaller back rectangles right side down on top of the square, with the folded areas overlapping in the center.

5. With the right sides touching, glue pieces together using an inch-wide border around three of the four sides. (It's easiest to include both overlapping sides in this three out of four with one of the flat sides remaining.)

6. Pin glued areas and let dry like before.

7. Once dry, remove pins and turn the whole thing right side out. Insert the pillow form and glue the final side together, turning the edges in an inch and gluing the right sides of the turned in fabric together, pinning as you go. (If using an "easier" fabric than leather, you could essentially skip this step, gluing down all four sides in step 5 and then turning right side out through the split back, but I found this way easier with such a thick fabric.)

8. Allow to dry for about an hour, fluff and enjoy!

And here are my final results, front and back...


Here is the grand reveal of my new graffiti pillow, paired up with my new pony hair pillow (a Target score!). I think the fiancé would agree this is a huge improvement from pink and sparkly! What do you guys think? Also, I'd love to hear if anyone has any "girly" décor they would fight to the death to keep? Mine would have be my antique dresser, which also serves as a jewelry vanity. I need that girly space! How about you? What are your prettiest, most-valued pieces? Let me know in the comments section!